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I didn't really realize it until I worked on this movie when we taped the voices, and videotaped the performance.
As I drove on, I reflected on the voices I heard the last three days.
This press release contains forward-looking statements with respect to Nuance, including, for example, those relating to the business and customer benefits attainable by using Nuance Voice Creation Tools.
Vocomo Software Corporation and Rhetorical Systems Ltd announce the availability of a new choice for voice customers: Auxiliary Text-to-Speech.
By using our voice application system, InfoTalker, based on NTT Lab and ATR CHATR technologies, and the Nuance(R) voice application system, we believe we can provide the most advanced man-machine interface.
Motorola's Mya Voice Platform products are the cost-effective way for these service providers to deliver voice access to vital and interesting content and applications for their customers," Webb adds.
The program also supports the standards initiatives for delivering voice and data services in the local loop via the ADSL and the ATM Forum.
Dennis Chateauneuf, president and CEO of DTI Networks said, "DTI's mission has been to deliver softswitch solutions for local telephony services, and packet voice in the access network is critical to our success.
According to Stefan Knight, CopperCom's director of product marketing, &uot;PairGain's Avidia System is particularly well-suited to meet the growing demand for Voice over DSL solutions because it provides traffic management and end-to-end QoS.
By using DirectMusic's DownLoadable Sound (DLS) feature that allows the unrestricted addition of voice data, software developers can include voices they have created on their own.
The Aurora Voice Organizer is the first electronic organizer to provide a voice record and playback feature activated via a simple two-button control.
This compatibility enables network equipment providers to seamlessly pair NMS industry-leading echo cancellation capabilities with TI DSP processors, so they can more rapidly implement a variety of systems for delivering superior voice quality and enhanced voice applications.
Unlike today's text-based search engines, which require a typed entry and numerous clicks through multiple pages, IVAN responds to the sound of the user's voice and delivers the information requested in a matter of seconds.