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And the owner of the manly voice, evidently an infantry officer, laughed.
Yes, one is afraid," continued the first speaker, he of the familiar voice.
As he spoke the voice came so near to Zeb that he jumped back in alarm.
For two reasons, my dear," the woman's voice answered.
He set aside the hatchet and picked up the plane to make the wood smooth and even, but as he drew it to and fro, he heard the same tiny voice.
The voice without a body went on singing; and certainly Raoul had never in his life heard anything more absolutely and heroically sweet, more gloriously insidious, more delicate, more powerful, in short, more irresistibly triumphant.
The voice was singing the Wedding-night Song from Romeo and Juliet.
I remarked that, while all the witnesses agreed in supposing the gruff voice to be that of a Frenchman, there was much disagreement in regard to the shrill, or, as one individual termed it, the harsh voice.
You might make a joke on THAT,' said the little voice close to her ear: 'something about "you WOULD if you could," you know.
I heard the voice of the Tempter speaking to me: Launch it, and leave him to die
It would abash the most cynical, it would terrify the most selfish; and the voice of mockery would be silenced, and fraud and falsehood would slink back into their dens, and the truth would stand forth alone
From the drawing-room Roscoe Sherriff's voice floated out in unconscious comment--
With the last sound of his voice, a deep, a long, and almost breathless silence succeeded.
Boots and shoes under the sea,' the Gryphon went on in a deep voice, `are done with a whiting.
asked that voice, at the same time weak, broken, and civil.