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(as) clear as vodka

1. mod. very clear. The river wasn’t exactly as clear as vodka because it had just rained.
2. mod. very understandable. (Often used sarcastically.) Everything he said is as clear as vodka.
See also: clear, vodka

clear as vodka

See also: clear, vodka
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Deep Eddy Vodka is one of the fastest-growing brands in the distilled spirits industry.
The bar opened in March with 75 different vodkas, has 15 more on order, and intends to offer a selection of up to 150.
Flavored vodkas have been making headlines by expanding the category significantly and driving growth over the past few years.
We introduced Svedka 100-Proof with the goal of expanding our franchise and bringing a high-quality imported vodka to the 100Proof segment, which has been growing stronger than both 80-proof and flavored vodkas year over year," Pawlik says.
Top Spirits Ltd specialises in the distribution and supply of Polish vodkas, but now also includes many other premium drinks from around the world in its extensive range.
The Phillips portfolio includes UV Vodka flavored vodkas, Prairie Vodka, Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky, Phillips and SourPuss Liqueurs.
In addition, the family-operated distillery markets an extraordinary line of handmade flavored vodkas.
The strong global demand for flavored vodkas represents a tremendous opportunity for our growing portfolio of UV Vodka.
Uncovering the gems among the multitude of vodkas can be daunting, however.
These days, retailers are confronted with an ever-increasing array of vodkas, boasting a dazzling range of product features: distilled four times (or 6, or 8, or more
Haasarud also opts for pear-lavender, candied ginger, black truffle and honey-grapefruit vodkas from Los Angeles' Modern Spirits.
55 vodka to pose a greater threat to rivals Stolichnaya and Absolut as consumer demand for premium vodkas increases.
And, why are they now willing to pay nearly twice as much for special vodkas called super or ultra premiums?
Chopin Vodka, the leading artisanal craft distiller from Poland, has won recognition for their family of brands with a focus on single ingredient vodkas.