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(as) clear as vodka

1. mod. very clear. The river wasn’t exactly as clear as vodka because it had just rained.
2. mod. very understandable. (Often used sarcastically.) Everything he said is as clear as vodka.
See also: clear, vodka

clear as vodka

See also: clear, vodka
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High-end expressions demand sipping from a snifter, and younger drinkers enjoy shots of flavored vodkas.
Ahead of National Vodka Day, here are four vodkas to try.
Skyy was one of the first to buck European vodka creation norms when it invented the quadruple-distilled, triple-filtered process, creating one of the original uniquely American vodkas," Black says, adding, "What makes American vodka basically different is, of course, the source grains and water used.
In a country that loves throaty V-8s, barbeque and bone-crunching sports, how did a spirit as delicate and nuanced as vodka so thoroughly dominate the limelight?
CHERRY ON THE ICING TRUE, Poles like to drink their vodka neat, but that hasn't prevented a robust tradition of infused vodkas from flourishing in Poland, Zubrowka being the most famous among them.
The Phillips portfolio includes UV Vodka flavored vodkas, Prairie Vodka, Revel Stoke Spiced Whisky, Phillips and SourPuss Liqueurs.
Revolution Vodka Bar will sell its home-made vodka online as it diversifies into retail with the launch of an online shop.
ILIKE my vodka in a tall glass with ice, rimmed with lemon juice and topped up with slimline tonic.
Haasarud also opts for pear-lavender, candied ginger, black truffle and honey-grapefruit vodkas from Los Angeles' Modern Spirits.
When they first began, they used to flavour the vodkas in a basement beneath the original bar but they quickly outgrew this method and had to set up their own vodka factory in Oldham.
And, why are they now willing to pay nearly twice as much for special vodkas called super or ultra premiums?
With locations primarily operating in large metro markets (six more are planned for this year), True Food buyers look for locally available organic vodkas to stock first, as well as try to source gluten-free options.
Each year's product is affected differently by the weather, soil conditions and harvest time, creating a set of vodkas comparable side-by-side like vintages of wine.
Now that appears to be changing: the pace of flavor introductions is slowing, while many producers are focusing on their plain vodkas.