bon viveur

A connoisseur of food and wine. Primarily heard in UK. Janine is such a bon viveur that she would never dream of serving her guests boxed wine at her party.
See also: bon, viveur

a bon viveur

  (mainly British)
someone who enjoys good food and wine A noted bon viveur, he had a passion for French cuisine.
See also: bon, viveur
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Just in case you thought we were all singing off the same hymn or music sheet on election day, David Cameron revealed on Classic FM his old china and former Newmarket correspondent for the Racing Post Tom Goff was a brilliant music scholar and a tremendous bon viveur.
Churchill was still remembered with affection by the country as a statesman, bon viveur and reformer, Mr Cameron said, but most of all apatriot - with lessons to teach the modern world.
The flamboyant bon viveur bought the 14th century tower house as a Welsh country retreat, where he could indulge his fishing passion.
Friend and Daily Express columnist Carole Ann Rice said: "Edward was like a character in a book that you couldn't quite believe existed and Birmingham was so lucky to play host to this most irrepressible bon viveur, poet and old school gent.
Every inch a daredevil bon viveur, Hunt is determined to smash his way into the record books.
Jon Gomm, The Moon Club, Cardiff IT'S WIDELY acknowledged that the ultimate social marketing tool is receiving a recommendation from actor, writer and all-round top bon viveur Stephen Fry.
THE death of Michael Winner this week brought back memories of a very rare visit to Newcastle for the London-based bon viveur and film director.
MATTY RYAN, the Thurles-based jeweller, bon viveur and racing figure, died in hospital in Clonmel early on Sunday.
Bon viveur wine bar owner Don Hewitson (Cork and Bottle and Shampers in London theatreland) thinks it is the best since 1986 when he sold a mere 12,000 bottles - he wasn't around in '47 so we'll go with him.
Equally compelling is Michael Sheen as Frost, the charmer and bon viveur, who is completely out of his depth against such a well-drilled opponent.
Selfridge was larger than life, a bon viveur who enjoyed life: he had a yacht and mistresses and he loved gambling.
There were also some interesting paradoxes in Dalley: a strong Catholic yet an advocate of religious tolerance; a respected member of and spokesman for his Church who occasionally crossed swords with its clergy; a man of Irish convict descent who successfully transcended his origins to become a leading member of respectable society and who had a statue posthumously erected in his honour; an opponent of Imperial expansion in the Pacific who despatched a NSW military contingent to assist the Empire in the Sudan; a bon viveur occasionally chided for idleness who worked prodigiously hard as Attorney-General.
The Lichfield-born bon viveur wrote the first recognised English Dictionary in the 18th Century.
In fact, the most aristocratic offering actually sports three storeys, which may prove somewhat of an impediment to the dedicated bon viveur.
Friends said bon viveur Mr Hesketh died as he had lived - with a glass of wine in one hand and a cigar in the other.