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visualize someone or something as someone or something

to imagine or envision someone as someone or something or something as something. I can almost visualize you as the president. I visualize this room as a meeting place for everyone.
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Since our initial launch, our customers have been extremely satisfied with our Jaspersoft Visualize.
Most importantly, they visualize each member of the family remaining calm but alert during the storm, knowing exactly what to do when an exigency happens.
Visualize with the entirety of your being, and you set into motion a powerful momentum.
Users can now visualize their own data on top of Keyhole's Internet-hosted base map by simply dragging and dropping files.
The inclusion of the HOOPS development libraries complements the recently released HP VISUALIZE fx5 and fx10 graphics accelerators for Linux, and drastically simplifies the development of high-performance 3D applications for the Linux platform.
The HP VISUALIZE fx5 and fx10 graphics accelerators, already available in versions for Windows NT(R)-based HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations or UNIX(R) system-based HP VISUALIZE workstations are designed to provide breakthrough performance and to offer the highest visual realism at interactive speeds.
HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations continue to lead the competition in satisfying processing requirements of large, complex Windows NT-based mechanical design automation (MDA) and digital content creation (DCC) applications.
Also encourage your athletes to visualize on their own at every opportunity.
To visualize the chemical patterns, the Los Alamos researchers irradiate a surface with a small beam of X rays.
HP VISUALIZE workstations and HP 9000 Technical Servers will support the Tripos' SYBYL line of discovery software tools.
The combination of HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations with HP VISUALIZE fx+ graphics and Media 100's Finish digital-video platform enables digital-content creators involved in 3-D modeling, animation, film and video to use one system, instead of multiple systems, to perform all their critical functions.
In some cases, the perspective tenant may not be able to visualize what a demolished space would look like when it is built-out or, conversely, what a built-out space would look like after it is demolished and re-built to programmed specifications.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could actually visualize data in such a way that we could maximize its potential and tell a story in a clear, concise manner?
Hewlett-Packard Company, has introduced the HP VISUALIZE P600 Personal Workstation.
Researchers are now developing an analogous scheme to visualize what is going on within the vast, international network of computer networks and telecommunications links known as the Internet.
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