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Vining has 35 years of industry experience has held senior leadership, operational and commercial positions with several mining companies including President & COO of Alpha Natural Resources; CEO of White Oak Resources; President & COO of Patriot Coal Corporation; President & CEO of Magnum; SVP of Marketing and Trading at Arch Coal, Inc.
Vining earned undergraduate degrees in Chemistry and Mineral Engineering from the College of William & Mary and Columbia University respectively as well as a graduate degree in Extractive Metallurgy, also from Columbia.
The former Citex France office will trade as Vining Citex and from August will become Vining Management SARL.
Mr Vining established Vining Management in the mid-1990s in Birmingham, offering initially project management services to major clients including Kingspark (now Prologis), Parkridge and Cadbury.
Unfortunately, "only a handful of materials fit in this category," Vining says.
Whether that's true is "the central intellectual question of the field," says Vining.
After a quarter of a billion device hours, not one of the 1,200 thermoelectric generators on each Voyager has failed," says Vining, who used to work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif.
I didn't need to self-arrest on the approach hike to the ice at Lee Vining Canyon.
1 -- 2 -- color) An ice climber ascends the precipitous face of a frozen waterfall in Lee Vining Canyon, left, and adventure that requires skill with an ice ax, above, and a whole lot of courage.