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Some of the inhabitants remarked to me that they never viewed one of those bay-like recesses, with the headlands receding on both hands, without being struck with their resemblance to a bold sea-coast.
With the push of a button, Synthetix utilizes a unique linguistic-pattern matching "signature" of the page being viewed and searches the entire database for documents with similar linguistic patterns.
1-inch slate tablet PC has gained widespread acceptance because its dimensions, when viewed from the top, approximate those of a sheet of paper.
A manager (or management student) must understand that even the simplest organization can be viewed from a number of perspectives; that the perspective from which the organization is viewed helps to determine which of its elements and relationships are brought most sharply into focus; and that the manager's ability to assume multiple perspectives in viewing the organization helps to avoid a distorting myopia and to create flesh, useful ideas (Linstone, 1999).
To increase the size of the viewed image, additional optics become necessary.
Robert Burley and Geoffrey James found quieter ways to challenge the tradition of landscape photography through which Olmsted is generally viewed.
Discs encrypted by Cinea, if lost or stolen, cannot be viewed on any standard DVD player or computer.
A new national study revealed that American voters' support for stem cell research increased after they viewed an ad featuring Michael J.
Simulink Report Generator now includes a Web View Exporting feature which creates interactive renditions of Simulink and Stateflow(R) models that can be viewed in a Web browser.
Virtual microscopy -- the practice of converting entire glass microscope slides to high resolution digital slides that can be viewed, managed and analyzed -- is the key technology that enables digital pathology.
Each respondent viewed one minute and 17 seconds of the speech, and was asked a battery of pre- and post-viewing questions.
As respondents viewed the ad on their computer, they used their mouse to indicate levels of believability by moving it from left to right on a continuum.