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Megan later became a video jock in the relaunch of Channel V Philippines and had appeared in two music videos, the latest of which is Rico Blanco's AMATS.
The middle of three musically inclined sisters - Leslie, 34, is an opera singing housewife while Lynda, 30, is a video jock on VH-1 and a news correspondent on US TV's Channel 11 - Jennifer always dreamed of being a multi-tasking superstar.
Cat, who also works as a model, is the latest VJ - video jock - on the hit European-wide music channel, MTV.
The new video jock role is a far cry from Clare's showbiz debut in cult Scots movie Gregory's Girl.
The game, televised by ESPN, included comedian Bill Cosby, author John Grisham, director Ron Howard, 76ers guard Jerry Stackhouse and MTV video jock Jon Stewart.
Shes become a TV star in her own right, as the latest VJ - video jock on the hit Europe-wide station MW.
is an Internet marketing and content provider founded by former video jock Adam Curry, which utilizes cutting edge technology to create unique, exciting domains focusing mainly on entertainment content.
MTV video jock Lily Myrhed keeps tearing off her clothes.
By incorporating the key features and controls found in Pioneer's CDJ and DVJ products, the DVJ-1000 becomes the "must have" equipment for today's advanced audio and video jocks.
The Irish Daily Mirror sent me along to see if I could make it as one of Europe's top video jocks.