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*in a vicious circle

Fig. in a situation in which the solution of one problem leads to a second problem, and the solution of the second problem brings back the first problem, etc. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Life is so strange. I seem to be in a vicious circle most of the time. I put lemon in my tea to make it sour, then sugar to make it sweet. I'm in a vicious circle. Don't let your life get into a vicious circle.
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a vicious circle

a difficult situation that cannot be improved because one problem causes another problem that causes the first problem again I get depressed so I eat and then I gain weight which depresses me so I eat again - I'm caught in a vicious circle.
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vicious circle

A series of events in which each problem creates another and worsens the original one. For example, The fatter I get, the unhappier I am, so I eat to cheer myself up, which makes me fatter yet-it's a vicious circle . This expression comes from the French cercle vicieux, which in philosophy means "a circular proof"-that is, the proof of one statement depends on a second statement, whose proof in turn depends on the first. One writer suggests that the English meaning of "vicious" helped the expression acquire its more pejorative present sense, used since 1839.
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mod. great; excellent. Man, this burger is really vicious.
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Even worse, as the boy Baptiste responds to his mother's example by in turn savagely attacking the catamount, so does Orlean--the project he was supposed to develop into a woman--respond to his unmanly example with unusual and uncharacteristic viciousness of her own.
A source on the case said: "We think it could be a woman because of the viciousness of the attack.
Lester Sneith, 79, of Newcastle: Rivalry used to be fun, but now it's gone too far with this viciousness.
In an uproar of maximum feasible misunderstanding and viciousness reminiscent of the Whitewater froth running concurrently, the press produced a caricature of the actually (in his phrase) "mild-mannered, unassuming" Hackney.
But once they realized who they had, the attack took on an extra viciousness.
I started to yell at Dill to stop, but he couldn't hear me because all he could hear was the viciousness of Bertlemaning and the sound of him expressing himself.
In fact the same viciousness that in fifty years has torn up entirely the gentle relation between town and country that had grown so naturally from Pizarro's grid - that has gluttonously devoured all the arable land that led him to choose the site of his capital - is now on the verge of extending its chaotic mantle of concrete and bustle to the lovely frame of cliffs and beaches.
Yet all are geared to the same end: a cacophony of violence and viciousness.
But this kind of casual illiteracy never achieves the pure viciousness of that pitch from the Atlanta mound.
Waltz's table tango is in a class of its own for its lascivious viciousness and hilarity.
The wealthiest nation in the world has compromised its honor and betrayed its best traditions by an institutionalized, persistent and sometimes sadistic viciousness toward its most vulnerable citizens--the only citizens who have no vote, no legal rights to speak of, and no public voice.
The viciousness of this cycle becomes apparent when fuelwood supplies constrict and substitutes must be found.
The Birds," where birds of all kinds suddenly begin to attack people, in increasing numbers and with increasing viciousness, will be telecast on Oxygen on Friday, March 22 at 8 p.
These included the viciousness of the "stranger rape", the fact he killed her to stop her going to police and that he was on parole and bail at the time.
The wild animal's viciousness and fierce resistance prevented its capture alive," said the department's head, Engineer Shtoura al Odwan.