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have a vested interest (in something)

To be very interested in something, typically because one would potentially benefit from it. Of course I have a vested interest in how the board reacts to this proposal—if they like it, they might promote me!
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*vested interest (in something)

Fig. a personal or biased interest, often financial, in something. (*Typically: have ~; give someone ~.) Margaret has a vested interest in wanting her father to sell the family firm. She has shares in it and would make a large profit. Bob has a vested interest in keeping the village traffic-free. He has a summer home there.
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vested interest

A personal stake in something, as in She has a vested interest in keeping the house in her name. This term, first recorded in 1818, uses vested in the sense of "established" or "secured."
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have a vested ˈinterest (in something)

have a personal reason for wanting something to happen, especially because you get some advantage from it: He has a vested interest in Mona leaving the firm (= perhaps because he may get her job).
See also: have, interest, vested
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In addition, in the case of an employees' trust, section 402(b)(4) will annually tax "highly compensated" participants on the increase in value of their vested interests, if the plan's coverage is not sufficiently non-discriminatory.
Before passage of ERISA 14 years ago, there were no statutory requirements for vesting,3An employer who provided a pension plan determined if when, and under what conditions employees obtained vested rights to the accrued benefits.
Although an employer may elect to use the modified special-timing rule and wait until the resolution date to report deferred amounts as FICA wages, it may also choose to include the deferred vested amounts as FICA wages at any time before the resolution date.
Inland Empire Electrical Workers Pension Plan &,Trust, 3 F3d 1246 (1993), the Ninth Circuit stated that plan participants who left their employment before their interests had become vested were protected against forfeiture of benefits on plan termination only if they were "affected" by the plan's termination.
The benefits of electing to be taxed in the year of receipt are twofold: (1) the recipient avoids recognizing subsequent appreciation in the partnership interest as compensation income when the interest becomes vested and (2) any amounts received as partnership distributions are not recharacterized as compensation--the service partner is treated as a partner for purposes of allocating partnership income and loss.
A Federal district court granted Morrell the requested declaratory relief, finding that the health benefits provided under any master agreement were limited to its three-year term and, therefore, were not vested under either the contract or ERISA.
Chief Financial Officer David Cryer said, "The decision to accelerate vesting of these options was made primarily to reduce compensation costs in the company's future income statements that would have resulted as these options vested over the next three years.
Asplund will forfeit any portion of the shares not vested at the time that he ceases providing services to ECHO.
Generally, plan loans secured by a participant's account balance in a defined contribution plan are limited to 50% of the participant's total vested account balance (disregarding the $50,000 ceiling and the $10,000 floor restriction under Sec.
On July 1, 1991, Gary's partnership interest became fully vested.
Vested performance units will result in the delivery to Frey of one share of common stock per vested unit.
2000 and 2004 Employee Stock Option Plans so that they immediately vested as of December 30, 2005.
These options were immediately vested as of December 30, 2005.
Options to purchase 464,336 shares of the Company's common stock, which would otherwise have vested from time to time over the next five years, become immediately exercisable on December 31, 2005 as a result of the Board's actions.
As a result of the accelerated vesting, these stock options, which otherwise would have vested from time to time through August 2009, became immediately exercisable effective December 29, 2005.