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4) You should verier stop one or more antiretro-virals-even for 1 day--unless your doctor tells you to stop.
Kreisler A, De Seze J, Stojkovic T, Delisse B, Combelles M, Verier A, Hautecoeur P, Vermersch P.
To determine validity of this conjecture, following Hurlin and Verier (2001), we apply Granger causality tests in panel models.
But thou shalt have it, if thou prove thyself the Verier knave; A piece of ground it is, that of Beggars' manor do[th] hold, And whoso deserves it, shall have it, ye may be bold Call'd Saint Thomas-a-Waterings or else Tyburn Hill .
Invited by Hermione to talk of childhood and respond to her idea of Leontes as "the verier wag o' th' two" (1.