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on the verge of (something)

Approaching or nearing something. After weeks of failed experiments, I think we're finally on the verge of a breakthrough.
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on the verge (of doing something)

 and on the verge of something
at the very beginning of doing something; just about to do something. Bill was on the verge of leaving town when he found a job. Susan was on the verge of laughter, so she left the lecture hall.
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verge into something

to change gradually into something. The reds verged into a violet color that seemed to glow. The cool morning verged imperceptibly into a steamy midday.
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verge (up)on something

to be almost identical to something; to be similar to or almost the same as something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Your actions verge upon mutiny. What you said verges on an insult.
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on the verge of

Close to, on the brink of, as in I was on the verge of calling the doctor when he suddenly got better, or Sara was on the verge of tears when she heard the news. This term uses verge in the sense of "the brink or border of something." [Mid-1800s]
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verge on

1. Approach, come close to, as in Her ability verges on genius. [Early 1800s]
2. Be on the edge or border of, as in Our property verges on conservation land. [Late 1700s]
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on/to the verge of something/of doing something

at or close to the point or time when somebody does something or something happens: She was on the verge of tears.We’re on the verge of signing a new contract.
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verge on

1. To be on the edge or border of something: The park verges on the neighboring town.
2. To approach the nature or condition of something; come close to something: Their confidence verges on arrogance.
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Rev Reed also suggested the wardens' actions were inconsistent with rules on the local Flora Day, when drivers can use verges with impunity.
Doing this will improve the verges for you and me as well as the wildlife.
Sally said many elderly and disabled people lived in the flats nearby and the bizarre verges did little to enhance the estate's look or reputation.
e star wants to help save Britain's wild owers in areas that are under attack from too much mowing, and he's urging all local authorities to adopt the verge management guidelines by the charity Plantlife.
Then you end up with churned up verges, broken paving and a total eyesore.
Is this a sign that our verges are to be levelled out and made good again after ten years of asking?
The "Road Verges for Wildflowers" initiative will give greater recognition to the value of roadsides for hosting not just wildflowers but also pollinators and other wildlife.
As such, I am pleased to see that the Welsh Government has commissioned the Road Verges for Wildflowers initiative, in order to recognise the importance of roadside verges for wildflowers, pollinators and other wildlife.
Verges made a name for himself defending the indefensible.
Looking further afield, many other green spaces and verges are getting a similar treatment and the visual aspect is terrible, the regrowth effect is equally terrible, turning our greens and verges into what really look like rough pasture.
Councils are too "obsessed" with working on vital roadside verges for aesthetic reasons, the trusts say, at the expense of providing havens for pollinators and wildflowers, both of which are under increasing threat.
A survey found 75 per cent of councils cut verges repeatedly in summer.
Contract notice: Service environment - mowing verges on demand.
I AM writing to express my outrage at Cllr Tony Sharps' comments in your August 7th edition under the headline "Overgrown verges are a haven for rats".
The locals chose to drive on the verges (quite alarmingly, in both directions, on both verges) rather than on the carriageway.