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vault into something

to jump or dive into something. The diver vaulted into the pool. He vaulted into bed and pulled up the covers.
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vault over someone or something

to jump or leap over someone or something. Molly vaulted over Ted and kept on running. She vaulted over the trunk.
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vault into

To attain some position as if by leaping suddenly or vigorously: With the sale of the company, the founders vaulted into a position of wealth.
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If your vaulter is landing at one side of the pit or the other, rather than the middle, stand behind him or her and watch for the following:
A slight settling on the next to the last step will help the vaulter get the dynamics needed to effect a good take-off.
There have been 18 deaths of high school pole vaulters reported nationwide since 1983.
The privately owned, year-round club offers opportunities for beginner to expert vaulters ages 10 and up, with a chance to practice techniques to improve speed on the runway, planting, turning, landing and more, Lang said.
I think that every pole vaulter has his own role model and he is mine.
A filthy naked man wriggled from beneath it, and through the gap, while the vaulters handed down sacks of sand to him from inside the horse.
HAPPY LANDINGS: Pole vaulter Gregor MacLean hopes to compete at the top level and be Daily Record Young Athlete of the Year
A former Uwic student, he took the brave decision to move from his beloved Cardiff to Loughborough, Leicestershire, where he linked up with Steve Ripon, coach to Britain's top vaulter Steve Lewis.
Francis High pole vaulter Andrew Steben is the fourth athlete in school history to make it to the state track and field meet.
One of the highlights so far has been a training weekend in London with the Great Britain number one pole vaulter Nick Buckfield.
Let's be honest, if you have to be pretty crazy to be a gymnast then you must be totally mad to be a pole vaulter.
When a vaulter falls, Sherman sets his legs close to the vaulter.
SanDisk Vaulter Disk, a PCI Express Module, Wins 2008 Best of Innovations Award From Consumer Electronics Association
Summary: Muscat: Legendary pole vaulter and former Olympian and gold medallist Sergey Bubka will pay a .
She is the top-ranked vaulter in the United States, and also holds the meet and field records, set in the Trials four years ago.