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vault into something

to jump or dive into something. The diver vaulted into the pool. He vaulted into bed and pulled up the covers.
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vault over someone or something

to jump or leap over someone or something. Molly vaulted over Ted and kept on running. She vaulted over the trunk.
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vault into

To attain some position as if by leaping suddenly or vigorously: With the sale of the company, the founders vaulted into a position of wealth.
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References in classic literature ?
No, no, you will proceed into this small vaulted room, and through this into several others, without perceiving anything very remarkable in either.
The river widened until it presented the aspect of a large lake whose vaulted dome, lighted by glowing phosphorescent rock, was splashed with the vivid rays of the diamond, the sapphire, the ruby, and the countless, nameless jewels of Barsoom which lay incrusted in the virgin gold which forms the major portion of these magnificent cliffs.
Daisy tripped about the vaulted chambers, rustled her skirts in the corkscrew staircases, flirted back with a pretty little cry and a shudder from the edge of the oubliettes, and turned a singularly well-shaped ear to everything that Winterbourne told her about the place.
But Fagan persuaded the overseeing committee and now new houses along the water's edge are encouraged to emulate Paradys's low vaulted profile.
Sprague was a pole vaulter for California State University, Fresno, where he once vaulted 17 feet, 6 inches.
Male vaulters routinely vaulted with poles 10 pounds or more under their body weight.
This clientless interface delivers a Google-like search mechanism that lets administrators find Vaulted passwords based on any number of customizable criteria, including IP Address, device type (server, router) and password types.