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coffin varnish

n. inferior liquor. You want some more of this coffin varnish?
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tonsil paint

and tonsil varnish
n. liquor; whiskey. The cowboy had to have his daily dose of tonsil paint before he stuffed his face full of beans and hardtack. This tonsil varnish would take the paint off a barn.
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tonsil varnish

See also: tonsil, varnish


mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also shellacked.) Really varnished, he was. Couldn’t see a hole in a ladder.
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Varnish cruised through her first-round heat and waited until the final 100m of the final to pass Katy Marchant, who eventually finished third behind Dannielle Kahn.
Edged out of the chance to bid for gold by Australia's Anna Meares on Saturday, Varnish returned and made no mistake in the bronze-medal ride.
Heartbroken Varnish was disqualified, along with Victoria Pendleton, in the women's team sprint at London 2012 for a trivial changeover transgression.
The origin of this alteration is a hitherto unknown degradation process at the interface between paint and varnish, which studies at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility ESRF in Grenoble (France) and at Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY in Hamburg (Germany) have revealed for the first time.
The removal of the orange-grey crust and discoloured varnish was not possible without affecting the very fragile original cadmium yellow paint on these parts," Leeuwestein said.
1021%2Fac3015627) In a paper published in the journal Analytical Chemistry , an international team led by University of Antwerp researcher Koen Janssens says that the color change is the result of a previously undocumented kind of chemical degredation caused by an interaction between the paint applied by Van Gogh and a protective varnish applied by the museum in the early 20th century.
Beijing heroine Pendleton, 31, had been hoping to end her glorious career by winning triple-gold on home soil and it was looking good when she and Varnish broke the world record in the qualifying round.
Varnish and Pendleton combined to win team sprint gold at the UCI World Cup, beating arch-rival Australia and smashing the world record in the process.
PROTECT bare wooden floorboards or parquet with varnish to get years of good looks and durability.
VICTORIA PENDLETON is confident her team sprint partnership with Jessica Varnish is only going to get better as the London 2012 Olympic Games approach.
In order to overcome these disadvantages and to enhance the aesthetic appearance of wood materials, protective covers, such as dye and varnish, are applied to them (Kaygin and Akgun 2009).
Use a corner sander and a cordless orbital sander to remove all the old flaking varnish or paint.
McGinness, a Red Spot Paint and Varnish retiree, passed away on March 29.