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common or garden variety

A standard, unexceptional, or commonly found kind (of thing). Primarily heard in UK. That's just your common or garden variety house spider; there's no need to be concerned about its bite.
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garden variety

A standard, unexceptional, or commonly found kind (of thing). That's just your garden variety house spider; there's no need to be concerned about its bite.
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Variety is the spice of life.

Prov. Cliché You should try many different kinds of experiences, because trying different things keeps life interesting. I know we usually spend our summer vacation camping out, but I think we should try something different this year. Variety is the spice of life.
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  (American & Australian)
very ordinary (always before noun) It's just a garden-variety shopping mall, large but not special in any way.

Variety is the spice of life.

something that you say which means life is more interesting when it changes often and you have many different experiences I have to work in the heat of Sudan one week and the cold of Alaska the next, but I suppose variety is the spice of life.
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garden variety

Ordinary, common, as in I don't want anything special in a VCR-the garden variety will do. This term alludes to a common plant as opposed to a specially bred hybrid. [Colloquial; 1920]
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variety is the spice of life

Diversity makes life interesting, as in Jim dates a different girl every week-variety is the spice of life, he claims. This phrase comes from William Cowper's poem, "The Task" (1785): "Variety is the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor."
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variety store

A retail shop that carries a large selection of usually inexpensive merchandise, as in What this town needs is a good variety store. [Second half of 1700s]
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Heinz 57 (variety)

1. n. a mongrel breed of dog. (From the trade name of a condiment company.) We have one pedigreed dog and one Heinz 57 variety.
2. n. any mixture or mixed variety; any composition variable or undetermined parts. Our old house was sort of Heinz 57. A little bit of a lot of styles.
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LAHORE -- Four new rice varieties have been approved for general cultivation in Punjab.
Carefully selected from thousands of commercial varieties that have shown adaptability for the home garden market, our varieties meet many important agronomic and consumer attributes home gardeners are looking for," said Marchese.
Successful category plans promote new varieties and take advantage of the promotional opportunities from the current crop production.
Veteran mango cultivator fear that mango varieties like Taimoorlang, Husnaara, Aabehayat and Zawahiri may soon be wiped out, since most of the mango growers are not focusing on these varieties.
In any environment where stresses occur unpredictably, combining pure varieties that have complementary strengths can help stabilize yields," says Cowger.
California leads the country in specialty tea sales, with varieties specially grown in specific regions, Simrany said.
According to Gregory Jaffe, director of the Project on Biotechnology at CSPI, most of the new crops that drive GM agriculture's growth now are cookie-cutter varieties that merely recycle the same genes for pest and herbicide resistance already used in existing products.
Critics are beginning to wonder if high-tech plant varieties are so heavily modified by human manipulation that they might have lost some of their vitality as organisms.
There are also eight barley varieties, with Pearl still being the most widely grown variety.
The low linolenic varieties should be available in two years, while others are four to five years away.
These include varieties developed commercially which at some point were dropped by the seed trade and would have been lost had they not been preserved by such individuals or groups.
The level of water-soluble carbohydrate (sugar) in all grass varieties varies according to the seasonal conditions and the growth period.
If you had three or four varieties, you would be harvesting at least 100 fresh, tasty apples--more than most of us eat in a year
The smaller sized European variety has many varieties as well.
Lawsuits have been filed and a patent challenge is under way from the World Bank-backed International Center for Tropical Agriculture, which is charged with combating famine by collecting and improving varieties of the world's basic foods.