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vary between (someone and someone else)

 and vary between something and something else
to fluctuate in choosing between people or things. In choosing a bridge partner, Sam varied between Tom and Wally. I varied between chocolate and vanilla cake for dessert.
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vary between (something and something else)

to fluctuate between one thing and another. The daytime temperatures vary between 80 and 90 degrees. She varies between angry and happy.
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vary (from something) (in something)

to differ from something. This one varies from that one in many ways. It varies from the other one a little.

vary from (something to something)

to fluctuate over the range from something to something. The colors vary from red to orange. It varies from warm to very hot during the summer.
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vary with something

1. to be at variance with someone's figures or a sum or estimate. My figures vary with yours considerably. Her estimate varies with yours by a few dollars.
2. to change according to something. The rainfall in New York State varies with the season. His mood varies with the stock market average.
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vary from

To be different than something or someone; deviate from something or someone: The researchers determined that the behavior of children who took the medicine varied from normal patterns of behavior.
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vary up

To change the variables associated with something: The cafeteria varied up its menu with a new kind of sandwich. You've worn the same blue sweater all week—why not vary it up and wear something new?
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Your mileage may vary. and YMMV

sent. & comp. abb. You may have a different experience or different results. It worked for me. Your mileage may vary.
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NBN Co submitted this varied SAU following a written notice from the ACCC on 8 October 2013 that set out a number of required variations to the SAU lodged by NBN Co in December 2012.
Nine of the 25 boxes were used by Great Tits, one box by Varied Tits, and one contained a mixed brood of Great and Varied tits.
Investigators studying alpha have looked at 143 quasar systems, yet the notion that alpha has varied remains controversial, notes Michael T.
However, in May 2005, the Eleventh Circuit reversed the only pro-IRS decision, and held that long-distance (voice) telecommunication services are not subject to the Federal communications excise tax, because the toll charges varied only by the call's elapsed transmission time, not by the time and "distance" of the call, as required by the statute; see American Bankers Ins.
In a series of logistic regressions controlling for these factors, the analysts examined relationships between nativity status and low birth weight, paying particular attention to whether associations varied across racial and ethnic groups and by socioeconomic status (as indicated by mother's level of education).
Spray skins have been produced at mixing pressures and flow rates that varied by up to 20% during the shot.
ABIG paid a uniform toll rate that varied only by the country to which the calls were being placed.
In this study, the researchers applied statistical techniques to arrive at mathematical expressions that describe the behavior of sizing when different parameter are varied over normal ranges.
Monarchs effectively used press propaganda, but censorship varied by locale and time: the flow of news information was diversely shaped by war, rebellion, and changes of rule.
While the Japanese artist is best known for orchestrating digital LED counters into richly varied arrangements strewn across the floor, installed in geo metric patterns on walls, even placed on little robotic cars-the works in his recent installation "Totality of Life" span a wider range of media and incorporate a certain humanist dimension that his earlier installations lacked.
Furthermore, pesticide concentrations for individuals varied from one sampling time to another.
3, Middle Hits are not all big hits and have to be varied to produce offensive results.
The contrast of materials is enhanced by a varied balustrade treatment: sometimes concrete with a steel rail, sometimes steel and wood, sometimes glass.
Chicken flavors varied from store to store with selections including lemon and garlic, lemon herb, barbecue, traditional and Italian.
As a result, Medicare spending per patient varied nearly two-fold.