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The Night The Penningtons Vanished is a mystery as well, however, this one is for the younger set.
But finding the missing isn't her only challenge in The Vanished Ones: when Li uncovers a physical issue that could threaten her life, her epiphany also revolves around what she can and can't control: " .
Part Pacific Theater history, part Indiana Jones thriller, Vanished pays tribute to the men who were lost in a largely forgotten campaign, and it celebrates the determination of the divers and scientists who risk their lives in exotic places to bring the missing home.
Vanished Years beat five other books in the shortlist, including Sweet William by Michael Pennington; The Rest of the Story, by the late West Side Story playwright Arthur Laurents; Simon Callow's Charles Dickens and The Great Theatre of The World; Strindberg, A Life by Sue Prideaux; and In Two Minds: A Biography of Jonathan Miller by Kate Bassett.
The three children with the girl, including her younger sister, told police that they saw the head and tail of a crocodile "splash the surface" of the water near where she vanished moments earlier.
Pacific, Fiji) presents a scientifically rigorous account of the vanished islands and hidden continents in the Pacific Ocean, designed to be accessible to educated general readers.
While VANISHED GARDENS would be a likely pick for Pennsylvania libraries in general, it offers stories, histories of people and plants, and surveys of wider-ranging issues making it a powerful consideration of an urban area's evolving gardens.
I left the kitchen for about two minutes to put Christmas crackers on the table, and when I returned, the turkey and oven dish itwas in had vanished.
Matthew Grayson, 14, of Radcliffe Road, Golcar, who vanished on July 23 when he went for a haircut, was found in Warrington.
Scotland Yard passed on a report from an informant who said a photograph of the child on holiday in Portugal was taken and passed to a "purchaser" in Belgium days before she vanished, official case files have revealed.
POLICE have appealed for help in tracing a Staffordshire man who has vanished.
He surveys some words that are vanishing or have recently vanished from common use in both spoken and written English.
A number of women have either been killed or vanished in similar circumstances to Gemma Adams and Tania Nicol in East Anglia over the past 13 years.
As a boy, Mendelsohn sometimes brought tears to the eyes of his elderly relatives because he resembled the lost Shmiel, who vanished with his wife and four daughters.
But (with the exception of Interlagos, product of an ironic face-to-face between the Caravana Obscura and a row of campers in a depot outside Sao Paulo), the space is so vast that the vanishing points have themselves vanished and it is impossible to fix an angle of view.