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safety valve

An activity that one does to release strong feelings (such as stress) in a healthy or positive way. Golf has become my safety valve—when I'm really stressed about work, I make sure to schedule a tee time.
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a safety valve

a way of allowing someone to express strong or negative emotions without harming other people (often + for ) I often think football acts as a safety valve for a lot of stored-up male aggression.
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By communicating the actual valve position, process engineers are able to check for valve stiction, which can increase operating costs and compromise process quality.
If nothing comes out when you open the valve, chances are the V15 valve is clogged, which backs up more water and gunk.
The combination of the particulate-laden steam/liquid and high temperatures can quickly degrade valve seals and other components, often limiting ball valve life to just a week or two.
Zink, describes the new valves and their operation in the July 19 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
The company's 500 psi valves are available in both hard-seated and soft-seated styles.
The pressure-balancing valve (Type P) is designed to adjust water temperature automatically by maintaining a mix of hot and cold water to within 3[degrees]F of the set point when pressure changes occur in the system.
Our products are used throughout the mining industry, and this was one of the first areas where our valves were accepted in the 50s since the company was founded," says Red Valve president and CEO George Raftis, who was at their new 5,000-square-foot Sudbury office and warehouse on Frobisher Street in May.
Sheen described the use of spreader grafts secured between the upper lateral cartilages and the septum to increase the internal nasal valve angle by lateralizing the upper lateral cartilages.
Ideally, your sprinkler system is separate from the water system going into your house; that way, you can shut off the water to your sprinkler valves without interrupting your domestic water supply.
The Toronto Root(TM) bioprosthesis, a stentless aortic root bioprosthesis, is used in procedures where aortic root disease accompanies valve disease.
MVP is also called floppy valve syndrome, Barlow's or Reid-Barlow's syndrome, ballooning mitral valve, midsystolic-click-late systolic murmur syndrome, or click murmur syndrome.
New Valve Cages dramatically reduces injuries to extremities when changing valves
The control valve is known as the final control element.