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a good value

1. Literally, that which has a high quality, quantity, or worth but is offered at a low or reasonable price; a bargain. $1.50 for a sirloin steak? What a good value!
2. An affable, charismatic, and/or entertaining person. Primarily heard in Australia. John's a good value, he's so much fun to have at parties.
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be taken at face value

To be accepted only based on the way someone or something appears or seems, without being verified or investigated first. It's important that the current period of economic growth is not taken at face value by the government, as there is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done. The best salespeople are the ones who are taken at face value by their customers.
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face value

The apparent or base value of something, assessed without further examination or consideration. Don't try to pick apart this movie for deeper meaning, just take it at face value. I made a mistake when I took my manipulative aunt's word at face value.
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at face value

from outward appearance; from what something first appears to be. (From the value printed on the "face" of a coin or bank note.) Don't just accept her offer at face value. Think of the implications. Joan tends to take people at face value and so she is always getting hurt.
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take someone or something at face value

to accept someone or something just as it appears; to believe that the way things appear is the way they really are. He means what he says. You have to take him at face value. I take everything he says at face value.
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take something at face value

to accept something exactly the way it appears to be. I don't know whether I can take her story at face value, but I will assume that she is not lying. The committee took the report at face value and approved the suggested changes.
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value someone or something above someone or something

to hold someone or something to be more important than someone or something. I value her above all things. He values his car above his family!
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value someone or something as something

to hold someone or something in esteem as something; to find someone or something to be as good as something. I value you as a close friend. I value this watch as a keepsake.
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value someone or something for something

to hold someone or something in esteem for a particular quality. I value him for his skill in negotiation. I value this car for its speed and dependability.
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value something at something

to consider something to be worth a certain amount. The museum curator valued the vase at one million dollars. I value this vase at one million dollars.
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take something at face value

to accept that something is exactly what it appears to be This is good research that can be taken at face value by readers. You have to understand that you cannot take gossip at its face value.
Etymology: based on the idea that the value (worth) of a piece of money is exactly the amount shown by a number on its face (front)
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take something at face value

to accept something because of the way it first looks or seems, without thinking about what else it could mean
Usage notes: The face value of a note or a coin is the number written on it.
(often negative) These results should not be taken at face value - careful analysis is required to assess their full implications.
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at face value, take

Accept from its outward appearance, as in You can't always take a manufacturer's advertisements at face value; they're bound to exaggerate . Literally this idiom has referred to the monetary value printed on a bank note, stock certificate, bond, or other financial instrument since the 1870s. The figurative usage is from the late 1800s.
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Before 2002, identifying and valuing intellectual property (IP) was more art than science.
The expected fluctuation in the price of a share of stock over the period for which a company is valuing an option.
2031-2(f) discusses the use of a going concern valuation approach in valuing the stock of a closely held business.
The IRS did not discuss the effect, if any, of potential swing vote value on the gifts, but noted that it must be considered in valuing a minority interest for gift tax purposes.
KIRK: What is the attitude of the SEC and the FASB with regard to the possibility of valuing intangibles and attempting to value operating assets of other sorts ?
AN IMPORTANT CONCERN in stock option accounting is the difficulty of valuing employee options.
Most professionals become skeptical of practically all generalizations, but more than a decade of practice valuation work has convinced me the traditional rules for valuing an accounting practice--properly applied-constitute the most appropriate and reliable approach to practice valuation for most practitioners.
The difficulty in valuing a closely held company can be compounded by the fact that many closely held companies are much smaller than their publicly traded counterparts.
2704 also provides that any restriction that effectively limits the ability of a corporation or partnership to liquidate is ignored in valuing a transfer among family members if (1) the transferor and family members control (immediately before the transfer) the corporation or partnership and (2) the restriction either lapses after the transfer or can be removed by the transferor or members of his family, either alone or collectively.
A transfer to a trust involves valuing property using a time value-of-money analysis.
The conference, whose theme could be described as why the historical cost basis of accounting is no longer a relevant or reliable means of valuing a company's assets and liabilities, encouraged a shift to valuation based on current market value (a method also referred to as mark-to-market).
When valuing a transfer to a charitable lead trust, the month with the highest applicable rate should be selected.
Congress's Joint Committee on Taxation and the House Ways and Means Committee therefore proposed "revenue enhancement" legislation in June 1987 to prevent marketability and minority discounts in valuing closely held business interests as well as to prevent estate freeze transactions.
Although the IO market at times has been illiquid, we believe under normal circumstances it provides a superior and more objective basis for valuing our PC servicing portfolio than do either sales prices for comparable servicing portfolios or DCFs.
From a tax perspective, valuing the covenant is particularly advantageous to a buyer because he or she can deduct annually, as an ordinary business expense, the amortized value of the covenant based on its legal life.