value for

value someone or something for something

to hold someone or something in esteem for a particular quality. I value him for his skill in negotiation. I value this car for its speed and dependability.
See also: value
References in classic literature ?
He was steady, observant, moderate, candid; never run away with by spirits or by selfishness, which fancied itself strong feeling; and yet, with a sensibility to what was amiable and lovely, and a value for all the felicities of domestic life, which characters of fancied enthusiasm and violent agitation seldom really possess.
His value for rank and connexion she perceived was greater than hers.
Dividing the net income of $1 million by the capitalization rate of 14% produces a value for ABC Foundry of about $7.
Create stretch goals for using technology to generate greater value for stakeholders.
Then, these adjusted sale prices are correlated into an opinion of market value for the historic property.
The formula in cell M5, --PV(B15,J5,, K5*L5), computes the present value of the probability-weighted intrinsic value for the topmost terminal node (H5) in exhibit 1.
And all other public and private companies will use fair value for years beginning after Dec.
Second, embedded value provides a sound basis for helping employees understand which of their actions and behaviors help create value for the company and can be used to establish incentive programs that reward employees for those behaviors.
Output traits focus on adding value for downstream end users--including industrial purchasers and consumers--through specification and differentiation.
If you plan to rebuild and have not planned properly to secure full value for your loss, you might be forced to borrow money or spend money you have set aside for other purposes.
For more than 10 years, an increasingly popular concept has been that the only sustainable sources of value for today's corporations are their organizational capabilities - capabilities such as innovation, speed, knowledge and continual learning, adaptability, and collaboration.
Thus, the Service has apparently accepted the fact that value for gift tax purposes may be less than that for estate tax purposes.
The report provides forecasts of the potential value for these services to 2012, whether they are to be used to maintain the value of a fixed price bundle or sold as separate incremental services.