vale of tears

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(this) vale of tears

Fig. the earth; mortal life on earth. (A vale is a literary word for valley.) When it comes time for me to leave this vale of tears, I hope I can leave some worthwhile memories behind. Uncle Fred left this vale of tears early this morning.
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References in classic literature ?
She's always saying that she'll be glad when her time comes, and she doesn't want to sojourn any longer in this vale of tears.
had not, in steering her course through this vale of tears, been supported by a strong principle of duty which alone upheld and prevented her from drooping, she must have been in her grave many years ago; in which case she desired to know what would have become of that errant spirit (meaning the locksmith), of whose eye she was the very apple, and in whose path she was, as it were, a shining light and guiding star?
I excused myself and dropped to the rear of the procession, sad at heart, willing to go hence from this troubled life, this vale of tears, this brief day of broken rest, of cloud and storm, of weary struggle and monotonous defeat; and yet shrinking from the change, as remembering how long eternity is, and how many have wended thither who know that anecdote.
It always happens so in this vale of tears, there is an inevitability about such things which we can only wonder at, deplore, and bear as we best can.
Dear Sir,--Pursuant of our policy, with which we flatter ourselves you are already well versed, we beg to state that we shall give a passport from this Vale of Tears to Inspector Bying, with whom, because of our attentions, you have become so well acquainted.
Amid EastEnders' vale of tears psycho kid Bobby gets scarier and he shoves his stepmum down the stairs.
Like theirs, her style is deceptively simple and direct, and the vale of tears in which some of her characters reside is never so deep that a rich chuckle at a foolish person's foolishness cannot be heard.
We are all called to strive to become the former, yet all too often we fall into the latter category, mere sojourners, exiled from our heavenly home in this Vale of Tears.
It proved a Vale of tears for Wonders as the 'home' side edged them in a fine game with a goal from Mamadie Sheriff in the second half.
A little over four years ago, my ailing father decided he was ready to, as he phrased it, "leave this vale of tears.
It was a Vale of tears this week as three players left the club to join Newcastle City.
Not surprising, Chavez departed this vale of tears on the 60th anniversary of the death of Josef Stalin.
A few more steps along life's road, perhaps a few more years, then by Gods grace we'll meet again, beyond the vale of tears.
I FEEL somewhat displeased and dissatisfied with the Vale of Glamorgan Council at the present time (it might be rude though to describe them as the Vale of Tears Council).
Which is a little sad when one reflects that all he really wanted to do in company was to make jokes, to turn the world upside down and laugh at it, to enrich and enliven this vale of tears with a little fantasy.