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in a vacuum

In total isolation; having no interaction with or connection to other people, places, or actions. Your actions don't occur in a vacuum; they affect everyone else here, too! Being in such a remote, rural town can sometimes feel like living in a vacuum.
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Nature abhors a vacuum.

Prov. If there is a gap, something will fill it. Jill: As soon as the beggar who used to work that corner left, another one showed up. Jane: Nature abhors a vacuum.
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vacuum something out

to clean an enclosed area out with a vacuum cleaner. Please vacuum this car out now! Can you vacuum out the car?
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vacuum something up (from something)

to clean something up from something with a vacuum cleaner. Fred vacuumed the dirt up from the carpet. He vacuumed up the birdseed from the kitchen floor.
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in a vacuum

COMMON If something exists or happens in a vacuum, it seems to exist or happen separately from the things that you would expect it to be connected with. Property values do not exist in a vacuum. The market value of a house can fall if the biggest employer in town closes or a noisy club opens next door. Such decisions do not occur in a political vacuum, but have serious political implications both at home and abroad.
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do something in a ˈvacuum

do something alone or separately from other people, events, etc., especially when there should be a connection: No novel is written in a vacuum. There are always influences from past writers.
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It also has a setting that allows it to safely and effectively vacuum newer plush/soft carpet, something many vacuums struggle with today.
These pumps produce operating vacuums up to 14"Hg (maximum vacuum up to 15"Hg) through a rugged design that includes a heavy-duty roller bearing, helical gears, and a tri-lobe rotor, with models ranging from 7.
Some companies spend literally tens of thousands of dollars on shop vacuums that quickly find their way into the trash heap, while standard industrial vacuums, that run from less than $1,000 for small installations to more than $100,000 for highly customized ones, can save companies literally tens of thousands of dollars or more in material, equipment and labor costs.
Recent interactions with scientists who use diaphragm vacuum pumps have brought to light different aspects of employing vacuum in their laboratories to make a solid case for portable, standalone vacuum systems.
Startup floor care company Halo Technologies is banking on mounting consumer concerns surrounding indoor allergens and air quality for its debut vacuum.
Just as the worried well caused a surge in ciproflaxin sales in 2001, many people outside of the exposed region will attempt to buy HEPA air cleaners and vacuums.
Today's industrial vacuum cleaning systems, capable of picking up material as heavy as bowling balls or as fine as a mist, are now far more sophisticated than their brethren, the common shop vacuum.
Before long, the warehouse supervisor called with disturbing news: there was no more room to store the returned vacuums.
Some readers have been suggesting I should stop by Charlie's place in the Valley someday for a shot of reality - that this veteran vacuum cleaner repairman has something to say we should all hear.
It is sometimes referred to as the vacuum density test (VDT), the vacuum solidification test (VST) or the Straube-Pfieffer test, but the broadest foundry designation is RPT.
In 1995, Best Vacuum became a pioneer in the then-fledgling universe of the World Wide Web as one of the first companies in the nation to begin selling vacuums online.
Miele makes a quality machine and their units are no stranger to Best Vacuums Lists.
The empty bag is lifted into a hood where a proximity switch vacuums the bag and surrounding fugitive dust.
From vintage to robotic vacuums, "Cleaning Day" emphasized the dramatic technological changes that have occurred in the world of household cleaning over the past century.