vacillate between

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vacillate between (someone and someone else) (or something and something else)

to waver between a choice of people or a choice of things. He kept vacillating between Fred and Alice. Wayne vacillated between chocolate and vanilla.
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Many counselor's-in-training vacillate between stages.
Shedlarz: You'll note until we got out there and went through the extensive effort of explaining the deal to the institutional shareholders, the stock did vacillate.
On the other hand, the same pollster points out that the middle third is beginning to vacillate, and that while pro-Chavez sentiment in the population as a whole has dropped in recent months by 25 percent, pro-opposition sentiment has increased by 16 percent.
For them, the problem appears when liberal Jewish denominations vacillate back and forth with respect to their willingness to meet feminist challenges.
With no state income tax, Florida relies largely on lottery proceeds to pay for public education -- an uncertain source of money that can vacillate wildly.
Economists seems to vacillate from week to week on whether or not we are pulling out of the recession.
The Government may vacillate over the role of manufacturing industry in a 21st century economy - witness its feeble response to the developments at Corus on Teesside - but people here do not harbour such doubts.
But the key material here was paper, and the key operation (as other critics have noted vis-a-vis James's earlier shows) was folding, the means by which a single object may vacillate from 2-D to 3-D, sculpture to drawing, and thus occupy a neither-nor space in between--just as the blue screen occupies an ambiguous zone between immanence and absence.
I vacillate between answering "yes" and "no" to each, check to see which response feels more like the truth and gets me closer to understanding.
Appiah contends that Wright in Black Power (1954) has no attachment to or interest in Africa; as a result, the reader witnesses Wright's mood swings as they vacillate between condescension and paranoia.
Interestingly, Feiler seems to vacillate from true believer to skeptic, but he always puts a lively spin on whatever site he visits.
The brackishly colored figures vacillate between states of terror and jubilation, caught between suspension and flight.
Suggestively here Gentilcore appears to vacillate between playing the role of Virgil and Beatrice, as he seems to be guiding the reader at one moment through hell and the next through heaven, but nicely in the end he shows us how all that he describes is part of one very richly revealing divine comedy, that made up the sacred world of early modern Terra d'Otranto.
Nearly all of the photos are shiny, generously sized Cibachromes mounted on aluminum museum boxes, which give them an almost holographic quality--they seem to vacillate between flatness and dimensionality.