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Meltzer and his colleagues at CDC suggests that isolating people diagnosed with smallpox and vaccinating family members and others who had had extended contact with them--a tactic called contact tracing--would be sufficient to control an outbreak.
retd) Mohammad Usman paid surprise visits to inspect the performance of polio teams vaccinating children.
Study leader Prof Mark Steinhoff said: "Our study shows that a newborn's risk of infection can be greatly reduced by vaccinating mom during pregnancy.
Vaccinating 40 percent of the city's population ahead of time would protect even more people, the researchers find.
The possibility of identifying and vaccinating other patient contacts (e.
Vaccinating about 125 county workers for the first phase would meet the county's needs, said Bruce.
Other work is investigating how parents' individual decisions against vaccinating their children might increase other children's risk of disease.
The first phase calls for vaccinating public health workers, doctors, nurses, medical epidemiologists, language translators, lab workers, mental and environmental health employees, security guards and law enforcement investigators.
Instead of vaccinating the animals with weakened copies of the bacteria responsible for the diseases, Behring made use of the fresh discovery that the microbes cause sickness by secreting toxins into the bloodstream.
Although Los Angeles school officials have been vaccinating kids for two years in anticipation of the new requirement, they fear many children still haven't started the regimen of shots, which takes four to six months to complete.
Vaccinating the city's raccoons against canine distemper in the early 1990s successfully reduced the prevalence of the disease in these urban scavengers.