vaccinate against

vaccinate (someone or something) against (something

To use a vaccine or similar substance to produce immunity or resistance in a person or animal against a particular disease. Before we began vaccinating children against tetanus, getting even a minor cut from something rusty could have proved lethal. Farmers who do not vaccinate their livestock against these diseases could face high fines or even jail time.
See also: vaccinate

vaccinate (someone or an animal) against something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal against some disease. They had to vaccinate us against yellow fever. The vet vaccinated the horse against everything that threatened it.
See also: vaccinate

vaccinate against

or vaccinate for
To give someone a vaccination to produce immunity to some infectious disease: The doctor vaccinated the child against measles. The dog has been vaccinated for rabies.
See also: vaccinate
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Summary: A national campaign to vaccinate against polio gained momentum Friday as the effort to immunize children spread to more areas of the country.
Elly Pittaway, from Broad Lane Vets, said: "For every dog we vaccinate against Kennel Cough, 25p will be donated.
Of the 31 states where Rite Aid stores are located, pharmacists can vaccinate against shingles in 27.
Of the 31 states where stores are located, Rite Aid pharmacists can vaccinate against shingles in 27: Alabama, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia and Washington.
Perry signed an executive order requiring the shots, but many legislators opposed the move, saying parents should decide whether to vaccinate against a sexually transmitted disease.
Researchers in England randomly chose 119 infants to vaccinate against group C meningitis in a series of shots.
That is why the Rabbit Welfare Fund (RWF) is stressing the need to vaccinate against these diseases before more bunnies die from them.
tuberculosis control strategy "If you could vaccinate against many diseases in one fell swoop, would the advantages of BCG outweigh the disadvantages?
Vaccinia, the workhorse virus used to vaccinate against smallpox, is under investigation as a carrier of genetic material from other ogranisms.