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vaccinate (someone or an animal) against something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal against some disease. They had to vaccinate us against yellow fever. The vet vaccinated the horse against everything that threatened it.
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vaccinate (someone or an animal) with something

to inoculate or immunize someone or an animal with some substance. This time the doctor vaccinated Tom with killed virus. The vet vaccinated the cat with something that would prevent rabies.
See also: vaccinate

vaccinate against

or vaccinate for
To give someone a vaccination to produce immunity to some infectious disease: The doctor vaccinated the child against measles. The dog has been vaccinated for rabies.
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vaccinated with a Victrola needle

Someone who chatters incessantly. Victrola, a division of R.C.A. Victor, was a brand of phonograph players. Since phono records were played with needles that picked up the sound vibrations in the record's grooves, to be vaccinated with a Victrola needle, as the joke implied, was to be inoculated with the gift of nonstop gab.
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Those who chose to wait until the spring should be making the necessary arrangements to vaccinate now with their vets.
Two weeks ago the US government unveiled its own plans to vaccinate the entire American population - 228 million people - against smallpox within seven days of any terrorist biological attack.
I might vaccinate him when he's a little older, but at a young age the risks are not worth the benefit.
The Bush administration in late January launched an effort to vaccinate initially 500,000 and as many as 10 million people.
To vaccinate could mean loss of the EU's non-vaccination status and could have serious repercussions on trade with countries which insist on only trading with FMD-free countries.
Of course the elements of our National Pet Vaccination Initiative benefit those who already vaccinate their pets as well, so it's a winner for every pet owner, rescue organization, shelter and breeder.
A HEALTH authority yesterday called on parents to vaccinate their children against measles, amid concerns of an outbreak.
There are also opportunities to vaccinate more adults at higher risk for influenza, such as pregnant women and persons with chronic medical conditions.
Vaccinate your child against pneumococcal disease and protect your family as well.
It would cost pounds 200m to vaccinate every animal in Britain and yet rural businesses are losing pounds 100m a month, " he said.
Maxim Health Systems will launch its annual influenza vaccination program starting on October 1, 2005, following updated guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to first vaccinate high-risk individuals.
But the county now intends to follow new CDC guidelines regarding whether to vaccinate people with heart problems.
To find these contacts and vaccinate them is completely impossible," he says.
Bush - in response to possible germ warfare by terrorists - outlined a plan for smallpox vaccinations that called for each state to vaccinate professionals who would come into contact and manage suspected local smallpox cases.
Ranchers don't vaccinate livestock they intend to sell because BCG causes an animal to test positive on diagnostic TB tests, making it unmarketable.