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on vacation

away, taking time off work; on holiday. Where are you going on vacation this year? I'll be away on vacation for three weeks.
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take a vacation

to go somewhere for a vacation; to stop work to have a vacation. Sue took a vacation at the Grand Canyon last year. I need to take a vacation and relax.
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n. a prison sentence. (Underworld.) It was a three-year vacation, with time off for good behavior.
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The administrator becomes the bus driver, accompanying the vacationers on all of the overnights.
What better place than the Internet to quickly inform as many vacationers as possible about a substandard experience?
The YouTube Vacationer channel brings the best of our partners' travel videos into a single destination to help users explore, plan and dream about their next vacations, and it gives users a way to see themselves in a customized vacation video with Norwegian's 'Vacation You' application.
CyberRentals has become a trusted marketplace that appeals to property owners and vacationers alike.
Vacationers can indulge in the epitome of A-list Hollywood glamour and sophistication by attending an exclusive VIP rooftop celebration ashore with live French music, cocktails and a can't-miss view of the locale's picturesque harbor.
Also, villas are on the way so vacationers will be able to take advantage of a stay-and-play option.
During holiday weekends in September 2002 and May 2003, researchers from the Havasu Regional Medical Center, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other cooperating organizations sampled air along the boat-choked channel and conducted breath tests among vacationers and workers in the vicinity.
One of our main goals is to eliminate the hassle factor so that more vacationers can take advantage of Colorado's incredible mountain resorts," said Ken Gart, president of Denver-based Specialty Sports Ventures.
Reporter George DeWoody's look at P-town, which he called "the gayest spot on God's green earth," included a mention of friction between some residents and gay vacationers over the area's nude beaches.
vacationers will visit the island annually, alone generating at least US$800 million to $900 million in tourism revenue, shortly after the 40-year embargo is ended.
Investigators determined that arson was the cause of the early morning fire that practically destroyed Holy Redeemer Church, popular with vacationers to the North Carolina coast.
Walking vacationers average six to 15 miles of mild to moderate walking per day.
COZUMEL, Mexico, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- El Cid Timeshare is a home away from home for vacationers seeking out the ultimate experience of relaxation and adventure.
Vacationers Sean McKelvey and his wife tipped us off with their tale of being pestered on streets and chased down hotel hallways.
The latest mantra here is go upscale: Attract upper-middle-income vacationers - not necessarily avid gamblers - who might normally head for Palm Springs or La Jolla, Calif.