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not utter a word

To be completely silent; to remain discreet (about something); to not tell anyone (about something). All the while our father was shouting at us, my sister and I didn't utter a word. Tom, don't you dare utter a word about this! I would die of embarrassment if anyone were to find out.
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not open one's mouth

 and not utter a word
Fig. not to say anything at all; not to tell something (to anyone). Don't worry, I'll keep your secret. I won't even open my mouth. Have no fear. I won't utter a word.
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not open one's mouth

Also, shut one's mouth; not say or utter a word . Be silent, repress one's feelings or opinions, keep a secret. For example, Don't worry, I'm not going to open my mouth on this issue, or She promised not to say a word about it to anyone. Also see hold one's tongue; keep one's mouth shut.
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utter a word

See also: utter, word
References in classic literature ?
Dantes was so exhausted that the exclamation of joy he uttered was mistaken for a sigh.
Wet, half famished, and chilled to the heart with the dampness of the place, and nearly wild with the pain I endured, I fairly cowered down to the earth under this multiplication of hardships, and abandoned myself to frightful anticipations of evil; and my companion, whose spirit at last was a good deal broken, scarcely uttered a word during the whole night.
And as soon as these words were uttered, both he and she felt that it was over, that what was to have been said would not be said; and their emotion, which had up to then been continually growing more intense, began to subside.
Their pronunciation was quick, and the words they uttered, not having any apparent connection with visible objects, I was unable to discover any clue by which I could unravel the mystery of their reference.
This reading had puzzled me extremely at first, but by degrees I discovered that he uttered many of the same sounds when he read as when he talked.
The sentiments being uttered by Obama and Cameron mirror those by Bush and Blair a decade ago, the same bland assurances, expressed with such self-confidence but without evidence to make it stick.
Awan had uttered derogatory remarks against judges after the SC ordered for an investigation by Tariq Khosa into the memo scandal.
ISLAMABAD, October 14, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Chief Minister, on Thursday made a telephone call to Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and regretted the unsavoury remarks uttered by some PML(N) leaders about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and ancestors.
Supernor allegedly uttered a false prescription for 90 7.
When Mr Cowen was pressed further on whether he uttered the word, he retorted: "Ah look, it is not on the record.
I am frankly appalled by the profanities uttered by young and old alike.
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- Details have emerged surrounding the mysterious phrase "Green Room" which is often uttered by Adam Dyet, Lizard King and a handful of other dubious dudes.
Show me the man, woman, or, yes, child in a schoolyard who has not uttered the word.
The initial words out of his mouth - unprintable - scandalized the notions of traditional theater when he first uttered them more than 100 years ago.
In the black-and-white sitcom world, socially and sexually awakened citizens become colorful but must endure threatening words uttered by "colorless" members of the community.