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utilize someone or something for something

to use someone or something for something or for some purpose. Is there any way you can utilize Peter for the project? Can you utilize this contraption for anything?
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The product developments at Hagglunds have for l0 years also given the possibilities to utilize hydraulic drives for internal mixers.
As an example, Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape (D2D2T) solutions can utilize the easy provisioning functions of iSCSI to optimally use storage for data disk backup to an intermediate disk.
However, this will require that we continuously explore new ways to utilize our traditional technology and develop novel new chemistry to ensure that alternatives are available to solve pest problems.
Provide written materials that utilize graphic or pictorial cues to assist with comprehension;
This approach provides one solution, which JATDI could utilize.
The second group utilizes a cored wire inoculant in the basin of a pressurized induction holding furnace.
Title companies representing over 50 percent of California's market share utilize Title EDGE in their production process.
Another technique is to utilize profiles of institutions that are recognized as having strong service learning programs to measure strengths and weaknesses comparatively.
A fluidized bed vertical cooler also utilizes air to fluidize the bed of sand to affect cooling.
Tower's uncompromising attention to quality and solutions, coupled with its specialized processes and engineering expertise was instrumental in Forza Silicon's expanded commitment to utilize Tower's advanced technologies and join its authorized design center program.
Even data intensive ERP and CRM applications that utilize massive databases are migrating to Linux.
As a result, ICC will utilize IP Commerce's IP Payments Framework[TM] (IPPF) to facilitate electronic payment processing for its customers.
Low power consumption that could potentially utilize rechargeable batteries to operate TV products for wireless applications.
The Genesys Meeting Profile, to determine how to best utilize your personal attributes and work style to make your meetings more effective, with results available immediately
KERI to Utilize 1G HTS Wire for First Leg of 10-Year Project to Develop and Deploy Advanced Electricity Storage Systems in Power Grids