used to

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*used to someone or something

Fig. accustomed to someone or something; familiar and comfortable with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; get~.) I am used to eating better food than this. I am used to the doctor I have and I don't want to change.
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used to do something

to have done something in the past A young lady who used to work in my office had seven brothers! We used to visit our parents at Christmas every year.
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used to something/doing something

familiar with something He's used to beginning without me because I'm almost always late. His clothes and manners show he's used to being a celebrity. It's not easy getting used to cold weather if you've been brought up in a hot climate.
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used to

1. Accustomed or habituated to. This expression is often put as be or get used to , as in I'm not used to driving a manual-shift car, or She can't get used to calling him Dad. [Early 1500s]
2. Formerly. This sense is used with a following verb to indicate a past state, as in I used to ride my bicycle to the post office, or This used to be the best restaurant in town. [Late 1800s]
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References in classic literature ?
The children were forbidden to meet her; but they used to run out of the village to the herd and take her food and things; and sometimes just ran off there and kissed her, and said, 'Je vous aime, Marie
The sisters in the convent used to tell me of a day of judgment, when everything is coming to light;--won't there be vengeance, then!
And I used to leave bits of my frock on thorns here and there.
We used to keep our coal in the bottom part of the cupboard, and when any was wanted we had to climb over the bed, fill a shovelful, and then crawl back.
When I had money enough, I used to get half-a-pint of ready-made coffee and a slice of bread and butter.
I like Latin, and used to get on well when I studied it with Jimmy.
But it was enough for Caddy that SHE was used to it.
It could turn four somersaults as fast as you could count on the back of a galloping pony, and he used to have to give it a real licking about twice a week.
We used to see him walking along the shore, and we'd say to each other, `She'll soon be with him now.
Becky used to go through dialogues with it; it formed the delight of Newman Street, Gerrard Street, and the Artists' quarter: and the young painters, when they came to take their gin-and-water with their lazy, dissolute, clever, jovial senior, used regularly to ask Rebecca if Miss Pinkerton was at home: she was as well known to them, poor soul
I wasn't shoutin' things out to anybody, but I just made myself into a committee of welcome; an', when the train pulled in, there I was, extendin' the glad hand of the burg--likewise the glad hand of a guy you used to know in Oakland once, a third-rate dub prizefighter by the name of--lemme see--yep, I got it right--Big Bill Roberts was the name he used to sport, but now he's known as William Roberts, E.
Zeus changed Io) in the fair island Abantis, which the gods, who are eternally, used to call Abantis aforetime, but Zeus then called it Euboea after the cow.
Jones was quite satisfied with this commission; and ever after, in speaking of the event, was used to say that “Dr.
During the period that I spent in slavery I was not large enough to be of much service, still I was occupied most of the time in cleaning the yards, carrying water to the men in the fields, or going to the mill to which I used to take the corn, once a week, to be ground.
My mother was a mighty cheerful, good-humoured old woman --I may call her old woman, for her son was above thirty; I say she was very pleasant, good company, and used to entertain me, in particular, with abundance of stories to divert me, as well of the country we were in as of the people.