use as

use someone or something as something

to make someone or something function as something. (See also use someone or something as an excuse.) You have used me as your tool! I don't like your using my car as your private taxi.
See also: use
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We commonly imagine, when we use a proper name, that we mean one definite entity, the particular individual who was called "Napoleon.
And we may lay it down generally that, whenever we use a word, either aloud or in inner speech, there is some sensation or image (either of which may be itself a word) which has frequently occurred at about the same time as the word, and now, through habit, causes the word.
Before the Europeans, or, to use a more significant term, the Christians, dispossessed the original owners of the soil, all that section of country which contains the New England States, and those of the Middle which lie east of the mountains, was occupied by two great nations of Indians, from whom had descended numberless tribes.
A new reference material (RM), RM 8504, has been prepared for use as a diluent oil with Aroclors in transformer oil Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) 3075 to 3080 and SRM 3090 when developing and validating methods for the determination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) as Aroclors in transformer oil or similar matrices.
For instance in the VA 1-66 rehabilitation contract the contractor set up a crushing plant at a visitor center that was within the project limits and crushed the old pavement for use as aggregate base material, with very little truck traffic impacting the large numbers of daily commuters.
Plas-Chek 775 epoxidized soybean oil for use as a secondary plasticizer and secondary heat stabilizer in flexible PVC.
As a result CPAs should advise companies using business aircraft to be prepared to document reasons such as those listed above--and any other business purposes--to help defend aircraft use as an ordinary expense.
Computer-controlled laser machine builds solid models for use as production patterns for sand, investment, plaster castings.
There is no tax on ODCs that are recovered in the United States as part of a recycling process (and not part of the original manufacturing process), nor is the tax imposed on ODCs used or sold for use as a feedstock.
Proper selection of polymer, filler, plasticizer, curatives and other additives such as tackifiers, as described in this article, can result in roll compounds that work as well during use as they did in the manufacturing plant.
Plas-Check 775 epoxidized soybean oil for use as a secondary plasticizer and secondary heat stabilizer in flexible PVC.
A corporation that leases listed property to a 5% owner or related person cannot treat such use as a QBU; if the portion used for this purpose is greater than 50%, accelerated depreciation and Sec.
To use as much of the foundry sand as possible, replacement levels of 25% and 35% were selected.
Many employers' historical records are not sufficiently reliable for use as the sole basis for computing per-capita claims costs.
Specific grades are tailored for use as impact modifiers, plasticizers, processing aids, and lubricants for flexible and rigid PVC, ABS, nylon, TPEs, blends/alloys, epoxies, and phenolics.