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urge someone along

to encourage someone to continue or go faster. We urged them along with much encouragement. They won't do well, but we urged them along anyway.
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urge someone forward

to encourage someone to move forward. The generals urged the troops forward. Sally urged Timmy forward into the classroom.
See also: forward, urge

urge someone to do something

to try to get someone to do something. I urge you to give skiing a try. Ken urged Lily to finish her dinner.
See also: urge

urge something (up)on someone

to try to get someone to take something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Arnold urged the new policy on the employees. He urged restraint upon them.
See also: on, urge

urge on

To move or impel someone or something to action, effort, or speed: The orator urged on the excited crowd to applaud even more loudly. The travelers were tired of walking, but the thought of a hot meal and warm bed urged them on.
See also: on, urge

the urge to purge

n. the need to throw up. Pete felt the urge to purge and ran for the john.
See also: purge, urge
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Spanish banks have been urged to reduce their dividends.
Hassan Khalil urged heavy-handedness in imposing security in order to preserve people's lives.
Abu Dhabi -- In a statement today, the centre urged motorists to adhere to the traffic rules.
2]force 1, drive <His dog urged the sheep onward.
4975, the LWVUS opposed it and urged consideration of and support for strengthening amendments like the Shays-Meehan amendment to establish an Office of Public Integrity in Congress.
TEI urged the MTC to abandon the proposal and work with the Institute and other business representatives to develop a more balanced approach to information gathering.
Best Practices in Disaster Planning," industry leaders cited best practices instituted before recent natural calamities and urged commercial property owners and tenants to establish processes in order to mitigate human and economic losses, and to respond effectively in the midst of a natural or manmade disaster.
Senators and House members must be contacted and urged to support the respective versions of the bills pending in their houses of Congress.
In what could be a highly-significant move, a leading Iraqi Shiite Muslim has urged Iraqis to remain neutral and not fight the invading Allied troops, a UK Shiite charity said last night.
The Institute urged the department to ensure expiring Section 8 vouchers are renewed at a level that will continue to make them viable assets.
The scrap buyer urged attendees to get to know each others' businesses better by taking tours and talking regularly with their suppliers or customers.
Early Protestant leaders urged rulers to root out Catholicism in their domains, just as the popes urged Catholic princes to suppress Protestantism.
In its comments, the AICPA urged the Taxpayer Advocate to be a more zealous advocate for taxpayers, questioned the frankness of the report, and expressed the hope that future reports "take a more critical view of the Service from the perspective of taxpayers, thereby offering members of Congress the candor they sought.
The committee urged life-style changes for people with "high normal" blood pressure, which is defined as systolic pressures between 130 and 139 millimeters of mercury (mm/Hg) and diastolic pressures between 85 and 89 mm/Hg.
together, "Ramius"), today urged stockholders to support its industry-expert nominees at the upcoming Annual Meeting of Stockholders of Phoenix Technologies Ltd.