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upshot of something

Fig. the result or outcome of something. The upshot of my criticism was a change in policy. The upshot of the argument was an agreement to hire a new secretary.
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the upshot (of something)

n. the result of something; the outcome of something. The upshot of it all was that we don’t get the new coffeepot.
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the upshot

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About LBP Manufacturing & UpShot (TM) Solution For more than 80 years, Chicago-based LBP Manufacturing, Inc.
For instance, Woodshed Roasting Company, a specialty coffee roaster based in New Hampshire, is now able to offer a wide variety of its fair trade organic blends in a single-serve format utilizing the UpShot technology.
Thanks to the UpShot Solution, we are able to take our business a step further, by providing our customers with the single-serve coffee option they've been demanding.
Mystic Monk Coffee, a small-batch coffee roaster led by Carmelite Monks in Wyoming, is leveraging the UpShot Solution to produce "Monk-Shots" - a single-serve filter with authentically-monk roasted coffee.
is now also offering single-serve using the UpShot filter.
Saxbys Coffee, a premier coffee franchise based in Pennsylvania, currently offers its well-known "Saxbys Signature Blend" in a single-serve format using the UpShot technology.
A well-established coffee company based in New Jersey, Melitta, will be the next to launch a single-serve offering leveraging the UpShot Solution.
Other possible applications of the UpShot Solution include foodservice, office coffee service providers and retailers.
Flexible and Favorable Business Model The UpShot Solution starts with operations, as it gives roasters and brands of all sizes direct control over their product quality and production volume.
The UpShot Solution helps businesses control capital investment related to operations because it is scalable by design.
The UpShot is a solution that can grow with us," said Bayer.
Profit potential is another key differentiator of the UpShot Solution.
A Full Sensory Experience The UpShot format includes a filter composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene and a Fresh Seal that can be made with recyclable materials.
The UpShot filter features a unique proprietary mesh that delivers a heightened sensory appeal to the brewing process.
Melitta plans to install equipment by year-end and will begin offering single-serve packs using the UpShot Solution technology through national and regional grocery chains by early 2013.