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I don't want to alarm you, but

 and I don't want to upset you, but
an expression used to introduce bad or shocking news or gossip. Bill: I don't want to alarm you, but I see someone prowling around your car. Mary: Oh, goodness! I'll call the police! Bob: I don't want to upset you, but I have some bad news. Tom: Let me have it.
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upset someone's plans

Fig. to ruin someone's plans. I hope it doesn't upset your plans if I'm late for the meeting. No, it won't upset my plans at all.
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upset the apple cart

Fig. to mess up or ruin something. Tom really upset the apple cart by telling Mary the truth about Jane. I always knew he'd tell secrets and upset the apple cart.
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upset the applecart

to cause trouble, especially by spoiling someone's plans I don't want to upset the applecart now by asking you to change the date for the meeting.
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upset the applecart

Spoil carefully laid plans, as in Now don't upset the applecart by revealing where we're going. This expression started out as upset the cart, used since Roman times to mean "spoil everything." The precise idiom dates from the late 1700s.
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Upsettingly poor cinematography is very distracting during some scenes.
More upsettingly, Lorraine couldn't recognise her husband Gwyn or her sons and had to relearn everything from scratch - even cooking.
Amstell swears that the version of himself in Grandma's House is "close to me, upsettingly so".
Viewers see the team's attempt to save their lives and, most upsettingly, when surgeons discuss the possibility further medical treatment would not help and cannot be justified.
It's unsportsmanlike, cowardly and - most upsettingly - distinctly French.
Ditto ``Seven'' and ``Fight Club'' director David Fincher's upsettingly titled ``Panic Room.
From young women who deny their sex both in their writing and with statements about "being a writer, not a woman" for fear of sounding upsettingly "feminist" to young men who write about sex by objectifying and denying sexuality because anything else is too "politically correct"; from out-of-the-woodwork academics yearning for "the voice of restraint" to elitist critics and criticism that would condemn work for its subject matter or language being "upsetting" or "too experimental" or "last year's thing"--the absurd wish for God to be in his heaven and all simple with the world again (i.
He offloads his cash in a spectacularlyshort period, kicking off with a doomed bet in the 1997 Juddmonte International(August 19) and winding up with a hopeless attempt at getting out on CrazeeMental, who, as usual, veered upsettingly left when carrying the lastpounds 500 of his "wad" in that year's Cheveley Park Stakes (September 30).