upset the apple cart

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upset the applecart

To ruin or interfere with one's plans or goals. Look, he's not trying to upset the applecart—he just needs to meet later in the day now, that's all.
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upset the apple cart

Fig. to mess up or ruin something. Tom really upset the apple cart by telling Mary the truth about Jane. I always knew he'd tell secrets and upset the apple cart.
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upset the apple cart

wreck an advantageous project or disturb the status quo.
The use of a cart piled high with apples as a metaphor for a satisfactory but possibly precarious state of affairs is recorded in various expressions from the late 18th century onwards.
1996 Business Age The real test will be instability in China…Another Tiananmen Square could really upset the apple cart.
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upset the/somebody’s ˈapple cart

(informal) do something that spoils a plan or stops the progress of something: Another, much cheaper hairdresser has opened next door, which has upset the apple cart.
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WELSH ALLIANCE LLANBERIS upset the apple cart in the Welsh Alliance League by picking up an unexpected 2-0 win at leaders Rhydymwyn.
The Carson Yeung debacle undoubtedly upset the apple cart this season, but I believe you were as surprised as the rest of us when he failed to deliver.
The Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 have had it pretty easy going but the arrival of the Antara might just upset the apple cart.
City fans will remember the 5-2 win there in 1993 when Rovers were expected to steamroll Bobby Gould's team to go top of the league only for Micky Quinn to upset the apple cart and score two late goals.
But it's a chance for us to upset the apple cart and stop their run.
He (Ouma) is trying to upset the apple cart, so until around midnight (tonight), I'm going to be worried,'' DiBella said.
Bolton, on the other hand, have been one of the most profitable sides in the Premiership for punters to follow, and I expect Big Sam's men to upset the apple cart yet again on Tyneside.
You were his mistress for as long as you didn't upset the apple cart.
Boycott, who last served on the board in 2012 and claims that he never once went beyond his remit, added: "They're making out I'll get involved in the cricket and upset the apple cart, but I've said twice in a letter that's not my intention.
In Division One, Monkseaton Juniors upset the apple cart with a singlegoal home victory over Newcastle City.
While I have considerable respect both for the current MP and the Labour candidate I believe that Yorkshire First can provide a strong and progressive voice to the people of the Colne Valley who have proven in past votes their ability to upset the apple cart.
Sherwood knows it will be a big ask to keep them at bay but believes they can upset the apple cart at Anfield thanks to the hosts' shaky defence, which has conceded 16 more goals than leaders Chelsea.
But manager Burr warned that the week's events - being hauled before the Conference over alleged financial misconduct and then finding the club under the threat of going into administration - could easily upset the apple cart.
Mourayan might upset the apple cart, but I can't see it happening.