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But, if we're going to get uppity about stuff being added to our food, I can think of more alarming things than the winner of last year's 2.
Don't I live with an uppity woman who thinks a freeborn mixed Kentuckian like myself makes a fine house gal for anyone from Carolina who's got a Jamaican grannie?
Lupe Fiasco went on a political rant on his Twitter account, saying he was "sick of you uppity black n " after being labeled "dumb" by comedian D.
Let your little brother get a bit uppity, and you never know where it could end.
There's no one in the group that doesn't get a little bit uppity about comments made in the media or publicly," Nielsen said.
Feder, and Anne Tamar-Mattis warn against trying to prevent homosexuality and uppity women; Susan Gilbert unpacks the details of a study that found--surprise
I SEE those ghastly creatures on the terracing have been getting uppity again.
10 lakh, these are sure to become centre of uppity conversations.
I usually eat out/take in, but I was feeling uppity.
An educator, lecturer and founding member of Saffire -- the Uppity Blues Women collective, I won't say Adegbalola is first and foremost a terrific composer and interpreter; but she is mighty, mighty good at those things, and agenda or not, this is one of the finest blues albums of the year.
The only reason people are getting all uppity about it is because it has become public knowledge and they have been forced to consider the end results of their actions.
In the original 2000 book, Vicki Leon (the Uppity Women series) introduces the long history of women writers and bibliomaniacs before Knight (Women of the Beat Generation) profiles specific ones.
A tour bus is too uppity for me and I didn't like having to tell the bus driver when I had to go to the bathroom because he'd always make a big deal of it.
Stroppy Strickland was last seen on the box in the World Pool Championship turning the air blue, hurling his cues around and then getting all uppity when his Taiwanese opponent refused to shake his hand at the end of their match.
At worst, this line of deferential petitioning for our humanity reinforces the racial hierarchy from which the system is built--we are deserving of citizenship because we are loyal and work hard, unlike those uppity U.