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1. mod. alcohol intoxicated. She was a little upholstered, but not seriously impaired.
2. Go to (well-)upholstered.
See also: upholster


mod. chubby; plump. Fortunately, he was upholstered enough that the fall didn’t really hurt.


See also: upholster
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Upholstery charges are the same, whether you buy your fabric from Valley Upholstering - at 35 percent to 60 percent below retail - or bring in your own.
Photo: Homer Osorio reupholsters a sofa at Valley Upholstering Inc.
As a result of this agreement, visitors to the HomeProject Web site will be able to point-and-click through an inventory of Quality Upholstering Group soft seating products while designing a room.
The Quality Upholstering Group's innovative line of furniture complements the existing home and garden products on our site," said Henry Lach, Executive Vice President, HomeProject.
Quality Upholstering Group transforms ideas into fine furniture.
Quality Upholstering is a custom manufacturer that has an established a business to build furnishings.