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update someone about someone or something

 and update someone on someone or something
to tell someone the latest news about someone or something. Please update me about the current situation in France. Please update me about Tony.
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A host-based, software-assisted data mirroring facility such as IBM's eXtended Remote Copy (XRC) utilizes a program supplied with DFSMS/MVS that monitors all updates to the local primary volumes and asynchronously applies the same updates to the remote secondary volumes.
The Exchange ActiveSync Update for Palm OS will be available Monday as a download at www.
When the user clicks "save" after modifying the file, the update file is saved directly to their Mac.
4 KitKat update is important to owners because it not only brings new features but also supply key bug fixes to improve overall experience.
These updates are made available at no additional charge to existing customers with subscriptions or the SWsoft software update service.
UpdateTV from UpdateLogic really solves the logistical challenge of getting a software update to a subscriber's digital cable device," said Dallas Clement, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Development of Cox Communications.
PatchLink is also including PatchLink Update Server Software ($1,500 US value) for first time buyers who purchase 500 nodes or more.
The AV-Comparatives report, which was publicly released in August 2006, evaluated the release rates and update sizes of signature databases among four leading antivirus vendors that have consistently received ADVANCED+ certification from AV-Comparatives: ESET, Kaspersky, McAfee and Symantec.
The expanded range of update content from BigFix extends the company's offerings that include Fixlet-plus-update distributions of patches and updates for the Microsoft Windows operating environment and Microsoft-branded application products.
This product allows satellite, telco, cable, and wireless IPTV service providers to deliver software updates to residential STBs with higher efficiency and lower costs than ever before.
It also offers specific recommendations that will guide RFID companies on how to raise their profile and better reach key prospects," said RFID Update Editor Will Smith.
Check that each machine in the defined group has received the latest Service Pack or update needed.
Imagine a world where every single computer application has to patch and update itself every week, and where the end user isn't continually bombarded with needless pop-ups asking them whether a patch can be downloaded and installed," said Vice President of Security Technologies of PatchLink Chris Andrew.
today announced the immediate availability of an ActiveFix update for its PatchPoint(TM) System that instantly fixes the new database security vulnerabilities disclosed in the Oracle Critical Patch Update -- January 2006.
To date, TomorrowNow has delivered nearly 600 PeopleSoft Payroll tax and regulatory update bundles.