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upbraid someone for something

to scold someone for doing something. The judge upbraided David severely for his crime. Walter upbraided his son for denting the car.
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Reflections on great and good actions, however they are received or returned by those in whose favour they are performed, always administer some comfort to us; but what consolation shall we receive under so biting a calamity as the ungrateful behaviour of our friend, when our wounded conscience at the same time flies in our face, and upbraids us with having spotted it in the service of one so worthless!
The last thing any of us need after all the efforts to upbraid Northumbria Police for their approach to the fixture is the sort of trouble that marred the last fixture.
It was right for even the liberal establishment to upbraid.
ANKARA (TAP) - Secretary of State John Kerry will upbraid Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan over his description of Zionism as a crime against humanity.
House budget chief Jim Pitts is expected to upbraid Gov.
The best reason to bring McChrystal home for consultations Wednesday is not to upbraid him about his loose tongue -- it's to press him on whether the strategy he sold the president is working.
used rare and decidedly undiplomatic language on Tuesday to upbraid Israel after it announced plans to build 1,600 new housing units in a Jewish neighborhood of East Jerusalem.
Did she storm the City Hall barricades in righteous indignation and publicly upbraid the mayor for the obvious deception?
He did not take the opportunity to upbraid Pinochet for any of his repressive policies.
13) While some contemporary historical and religious scholars might argue that black Baptists took these genealogical tables too literally, these same scholars would do well to upbraid themselves for their continued and shameful practice of reading Africa and non-enslaved Africans and their many contributions out of history and the Bible.
Farlow to upbraid a few colleagues when he addressed the question of physiology in The Dinosauria (1990, University of California Press).
No-one is entitled to upbraid Marcus Trescothick for retiring prematurely from international cricket due to a stress-related illness.
But the priest's purpose was to upbraid sinners by referring to foul deeds in appropriately foul language; therefore, his morals should not be impugned.
THE Football Association clearly harbours a desperate desire to fill its days if it feels the need to upbraid Middlesbrough and Everton for the ``brawl'' at The Riverside on Sunday.
She would approach senior female staffers in the Mess and upbraid them for not wearing stockings like a lady should.