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up to date

Having the most current information or technology. (Hyphenated if used before a noun.) You need to use the most up-to-date software, or you could put yourself at risk for viruses or cyberattacks. Please ensure the information on file with the agency is kept up to date.
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modern or contemporary. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Is the room up-to-date, or is it standard? Your knowledge is not really up-to-date on this matter.


modern; up to the current standards of fashion; having the most current information. I'd like to see a more up-to-date report on Mr. Smith. This is not an up-to-date record of the construction project.
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This study considered an attribute as available if a measured value is within the prescribed lifetime in the calculation of the parameter Up-to-dateness.
The astonishing up-to-dateness of the new season's toys may be gauged from the fact that doll's-house furniture was shown in tubular steel, that doll's kitchen fitments included refrigerators, and that street sets as complete as the railway sets we know of old, include pedestrian crossings with Belisha beacons.
Both the neoliberal New Yorker and conservative Times Literary Supplement have praised Marx for his perspicacity and overall up-to-dateness in seeing which way capitalism was headed, while saying that where he truly messed up was in his revolutionary politics.
The dictionary has a long introduction, which, besides explaining the method of the book, discusses the content of the sources: their history, up-to-dateness, types of subject matter (instruments, performance terminology, forms and genres, music theory), treatment of language, and value for the study of music history.
One also cannot escape the up-to-dateness of the present historical context: we are living through a new type of German Grunderjahre.
Reassessment' is a somewhat ambiguous term, carrying the implication of up-to-dateness without necessarily committing itself to new perspectives.
Nevertheless, we think the entry patterns imply more up-to-dateness with active prompting than you might expect.
By providing regular updates, we are taking care of achieving high compatibility, up-to-dateness, stability and liability of our software.