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come to an end

To wind down to an ending or conclusion. Festivities came to an end well after the sun had risen the next morning. I'm just dreading when the nice summer weather finally comes to an end.
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come to an untimely end

Fig. to come to an early death. Poor Mr. Jones came to an untimely end in a car accident. Cancer caused Mrs. Smith to come to an untimely end.
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come to an end

1. Conclude, terminate, as in the familiar proverb, All things come to an end, stated by Geoffrey Chaucer in Troilus and Cressida (c. 1374).
2. come to a bad end; come to no good. Have a bad outcome or die in an unpleasant way. For example, I always suspected this venture would come to no good, or Her parents feared he would come to a bad end.
3. come to or meet an untimely end . Die at a young age, terminate much sooner than desired or expected. For example, The blow was fatal, causing the young boxer to meet an untimely end, or Our partnership came to an untimely end when I became too ill to work. Also see dead end.
See also: come, end
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Northern India has been subject to untimely rains and cool weather since the beginning of the year.
He said, " Untimely rains have destroyed tomato from Bangalore and Jaipur while the weather delayed the trucks carrying the vegetables for some time.
The untimely death "doesn't mean you won't necessarily see them again because anything is possible under the dome," Baer said.
Alison, who lives in Coventry with her family, said: "An Untimely Frost is my second novel and while writing it I was diagnosed with Parkinson's.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Parliamentary foreign relations commission MP Imad Youkhana described the Turkish mediation between Baghdad and Arbil on oil exports as "interference in Iraqi internal affairs at untimely circumstances".
shock and grief over the untimely and sad demise of Ayesha Haroon, an eminent journalist and outstanding editor, who died on Saturday night in New York after four-year long fight with cancer.
THE untimely death of Campbell Gilles was a huge loss to racing in general, but particularly for racing in the northern half of Britain.
In his statement, Moily said, "I am deeply saddened by the untimely passing away of a dear friend and colleague.
Following soon behind Sir James of Savile's similarly untimely departure - untimely only because some people you just assumed would just go on forever - it made us feel like all the big characters from our youth were disappearing one by one.
Always polytemporalize" is the mandate proposed by Jonathan Gil Harris in Untimely Matter in the Age of Shakespeare--a witty and well-written book whose aim is to elaborate and justify for readers of Renaissance texts a newly supple and complex understanding of time.
Manila The presidential palace is set to formally announce the appointment of a noted election lawyer as head of the powerful poll commission following the untimely resignation of its chair.
But doesn't he have some kind of minion who could have kept him in the loop about the untimely demise of Pontin's holiday camps?
THE family of a 13-year-old girl who was found hanged in her bedroom said they were "completely devastated by the untimely death of our wonderful daughter ".
We dismiss the protest as untimely because the allegations were not raised within the time required by the statutory procurement integrity provisions as a condition precedent to our considering these allegations.
Summary: The dollar extended its untimely congestion Wednesday.