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come to an end

To wind down to an ending or conclusion. Festivities came to an end well after the sun had risen the next morning. I'm just dreading when the nice summer weather finally comes to an end.
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come to an untimely end

Fig. to come to an early death. Poor Mr. Jones came to an untimely end in a car accident. Cancer caused Mrs. Smith to come to an untimely end.
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come to an end

1. Conclude, terminate, as in the familiar proverb, All things come to an end, stated by Geoffrey Chaucer in Troilus and Cressida (c. 1374).
2. come to a bad end; come to no good. Have a bad outcome or die in an unpleasant way. For example, I always suspected this venture would come to no good, or Her parents feared he would come to a bad end.
3. come to or meet an untimely end . Die at a young age, terminate much sooner than desired or expected. For example, The blow was fatal, causing the young boxer to meet an untimely end, or Our partnership came to an untimely end when I became too ill to work. Also see dead end.
See also: come, end
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UNLIKE CHABROL'S FINAL WORKS, the last three films of Eric Rohmer, sage of the New Wave, retain the master's trademark rigor and at first glance appear to embody the notions of exile and untimeliness that for Adorno characterize late style.
Across the gap of November, where the negative moment of the narrative lies dormant, the inducement of self-forgetting by nationalism's punctuality symmetrically inverts to the recollection of our human selves by sudden death's untimeliness.
The untimeliness of the ordinary trip lulls the Cycloptic coachman into sleep and De Quincey into thoughts of earth and childhood, ultimately leading to the collision.
While Blank Generation had paradoxically managed to become a manifesto of the times by articulating an existential isolation ("when I dine it's for the wall that I set a place"), Destiny Street embodied that isolation concretely, in part through its untimeliness.
United States, (16) the CAFC affirmed a COFC dismissal for untimeliness where the contractor, Am-Pro, waited six years to file its appeal.
Subsequent amendment of the complaint to include class allegations may result in untimeliness of all or a portion of the named plaintiffs claim if consents have not been filed by the named plaintiffs.
But untimeliness is not the only problem CLECs face as they try to implement interconnection, as TCG is doing in 22 states and the District of Columbia.
Although art historians pay lip service to critiques of historicism and endlessly cite texts such as Walter Benjamin's "These on the Philosophy of History" (1940), the suggestion that Turner might be understood through a notion of untimeliness is nonsensical or unthinkable to a discipline that could not survive without its unexamined faith that history is fundamentally "one thing after another" occurring in homogenous time.
His untimeliness is paradoxically and necessarily the product of a specific interval in time, a period of perhaps four or five decades between the Revolution of 1789 and the failures of 1848.
Murphy moved for a remand due to untimeliness under 28 U.
Somehow the clouded narcissism of these "opaque mirrors," imprinted with a statement that alternately suggests the acceleration of contemporary life and the untimeliness of art--as well as its promise of taking us out of time--captures for me the dilemma artists currently face, in this period of rampant professionalization and careerist profiteering.
On appeal of both rulings, the Eighth Circuit agreed with the district court's finding that plaintiff waived its right to seek a remand based on the untimeliness of the notice of removal.
THE UNTIMELINESS of Edward Said's death was persistently
A prevailing litigant who awaits the outcome of an appeal before filing a motion for fees, therefore, risks a judicial finding of untimeliness and a denial of requested fees.
The untimeliness of Golub's hybrid combinations accounts for the great success of his work of the early '80s.