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what has been seen cannot be unseen

Disturbing or upsetting images are not easily forgotten. Even though I'm back from the battlefield now, what has been seen cannot be unseen.
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buy (something) sight unseen

To purchase something without seeing or examining it first. When I decided to buy a house sight unseen, I knew it would probably need a lot of repairs—and I was right!
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buy something sight unseen

to buy something without seeing it first. I bought this land sight unseen. I didn't know it was so rocky. It isn't usually safe to buy something sight unseen.
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sight unseen

Without having viewed the object in question, as in He bought the horse sight unseen. This seeming oxymoron-how can a sight, which means something seen, be not seen?-dates from the late 1800s.
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sight unˈseen

if you buy something sight unseen, you do not have an opportunity to see it before you buy it: We bought the table sight unseen and were pleased to find it was perfect for our kitchen.
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sight unseen

Without seeing the object in question: bought the horse sight unseen.
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References in classic literature ?
At this the Phanfasm set up a roar of laughter, which had its echo in the unseen chorus, and the bear-man seemed so amused that he actually rolled upon the ground and shouted with merriment.
The eaves of the hut were just above the heads of the sentries--from them he could leap upon the Tarmangani, unseen.
Scarce a dozen, barring the Earl of Buckingham," replied the knave; "and, furthermore, there be a way to enter, which I may show you, My Lord, so that you may, unseen, reach the apartment where My Lady and the Earl be supping.
Five minutes after he had cantered down the road from camp, Spizo the Spaniard, sneaking his horse unseen into the surrounding forest, mounted and spurred rapidly after him.
Possibly it was out of this fear of the real denizens of the dark that the fear of the unreal denizens was later to develop and to culminate in a whole and mighty unseen world.
They had not gone very far, when the child was again struck by the altered behaviour of Mr Thomas Codlin, who instead of plodding on sulkily by himself as he had heretofore done, kept close to her, and when he had an opportunity of looking at her unseen by his companion, warned her by certain wry faces and jerks of the head not to put any trust in Short, but to reserve all confidences for Codlin.
If they were ever to get away unseen, that was the very moment.
Entitled The Unseen Collection, it comprises a series of photographs showing X-ray images of armour, guns, arrows and swords, and forms part of the Armouries' Inspired by.
Engaging and detailed, Silent and Unseen takes the reader behind the scenes for an up-close and personal glimpse of nautical history.
DVDs This week's new releases FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: THE UNSEEN EDITION 18, 128mins Fans of E L James' bestsellers will relish this Unseen Edition, which includes an extended version of the movie with an alternative ending and a teaser for the sequel.
L8 Unseen - at the Museum of Liverpool from tomorrow - reveals the untold stories of one of the city's most diverse communities through photographs and filmed interviews.
Many went in, few came back Many were left lying in the black Some were dreaming of their nice warm bed And some of them were shot in the head These soldiers became tired, dirty and sad But they had to defeat "the evil and the bad" Remember the soldiers of 1914 Who died for their country, lying unseen.
Ginsberg sold a similar "B line" unit in the same building at 108 Fifth Avenue back in December 2010 to a couple that was out of the country and went into contract sight unseen.
The Odeon believes it is the first big cinema chain in the country to launch a novel new way of watching top movies - called Screen Unseen - and is currently trialling the idea at around 20 selected cinemas.
Weidenfeld & Nicolson (W&N), a British publisher of fiction and reference books and a division of the Orion Publishing Group, announced on Monday that it has published a new book edited by Hunter Davies, titled The Beatles Lyrics the Unseen Story Behind Their Music.