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quote unquote

1. Used to report something said verbatim by someone else. (Used almost exclusively in speech, as the phrase represents a set of quotation marks.) The president said that he, quote unquote, didn't like the way the reporter looked in that dress.
2. Used to indicate that something one just said is untruthful, ironic, or disingenuous. We were, quote unquote, taught by the teaching assistant, but we did most of our learning independently. The, quote unquote, healthy option in this restaurant is a salad filled with bacon and smothered in creamy salad dressing.
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quote, unquote

a parenthetical expression said before a word or short phrase indicating that the word or phrase would be in quotation marks if used in writing. So I said to her, quote, unquote, it's time we had a little talk.
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quote, unquote


quote, end quote

COMMON You say quote, unquote to show that a word or phrase you have just used is something that someone else has said. Even though I'm this big, huge superstar quote unquote, I have family problems too. A spokesman said quote, `a certain number', unquote of the men lost their lives that day. The book was given to several school libraries, and in every case a vice principal of the particular school took the book out and then reported it, quote, `lost', end quote. Note: This expression is often used to show that you do not think that the thing said is accurate or true. Compare with in inverted commas.
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quote — unquote

used parenthetically when speaking to indicate the beginning and end (or just the beginning) of a statement or passage that you are repeating, especially to emphasize the speaker's detachment from or disagreement with the original. informal
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quote, unquote

phr. a parenthetical expression said before a word or short phrase indicating that the word or phrase would be in quotation marks if used in writing. So I said to her, quote, unquote, it’s time we had a little talk.
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If the proposed building of a supermarket on the New Brighton waterfront was a 'stand-alone project', he 'would probably be signing the objectors' petition as well', unquote.
Rockefeller says, quote: It is my hope that future employees in the region will focus on the economic value of an intact and healthy forest system, unquote, and further: "Certainly it should be possible for Alaska to create more jobs in the tourism, small business and conservation-based business sectors.
This mass notice of firing of all central office employees will, quote, 'buy them time to be more thoughtful,' unquote.
There will not be another, quote unquote, Abba musical," the Telegraph quoted him as saying.
He can still be among the winners today though, where his juvenile Quote Unquote returns to Brighton with chances of avenging her defeat at the seaside track earlier in the month.
With regard to 'Commemorate a violent episode from the mists of history' unquote, I will not rely on you to give a balanced report on November 11th, another event that remembers a violent episode in the country's history.
The report, published by Lloyds TSB Development Capital and private equity magazine Unquote, found a total of nine transactions valued between pounds 5m and pounds 150mcompleted during the year, with a combined value of pounds 303m, compared to four deals worth pounds 47m in 2006.
The figures, from a joint study by LDC and trade magazine Unquote , show the private-equity market has come back from a lull in 2003.
Heather Scott, associate director of Darlington-based insurance brokers BIB following a meeting organised by the North East Chamber of Commerce with Royal Mail chiefs a unquote
In a January 7 episode of Robertson's television program The 700 Club, the Christian Coalition founder declared, "There's a natural aversion in people who are heterosexual to the, quote, homosexual lifestyle, unquote.
It's always nice to come home, and obviously I'm familiar with UCLA and the team and Drake Stadium, but it's nice to feel confident and comfortable coming back there with my quote, unquote new team.
Private equity funding into Welsh firms has bucked the UK downward trend with a record twelve-fold increase in investment this year According to a new study published by private equity firm LDC and Unquote magazine, six Welsh companies raised pounds 264.
Star performance Trainer Mark Polglase and jockey Luke Fletcher, who combined to land a double with Piccleyes and Kirkhammerton Ride of the day Seb Sanders' strong effort to force a long overdue win out of St Ivian in the seller Fluffing her lines Quote Unquote was a warm order for the juvenile maiden, but could finish only third m Results and analysis start page 87
Editor Nigel Rees, host of Radio 4's Quote Unquote, brings the history of linguistic and cultural developments up-to-date with entries from the world of advertising, film, politics and pop.