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Oh, and by the way, "complete electromagnetic dominance" can be achieved only with unobtanium.
While in his mind, the battle for unobtanium has becomes about the human race versus the Na'vi, the question could also be in reference to Sully betraying the 'white' race in favour of non western culture and custom.
Set in 2154, when humans are mining a precious mineral called unobtanium on planet Pandora, it's the tale of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a disabled marine confined to a wheelchair.
Ads in Hollywood Magazines Show Pandora's Unobtanium is Canada's Tar Sands
His mission: persuade the mystic, nature-loving Na'vi to make way for humans to mine their land for unobtanium, worth $20 million per kilo back home.
In Avatar, there are floating, superconducting magnetic mountains made of chunks of unobtanium on Pandora.
Some 150 years into the future, a consortium of scientists, military personnel and business advisers have established a vanguard outpost on the planet of Pandora hoping to strip-mine for unobtanium, an alloy with extensive energy and manufacturing potential.
The year is 2154 and the RDA corporation is mining planet Pandora digging for Unobtanium, a unique mineral that defies gravity and sells for top cash.
Substituting for his deceased brother, Jake is an unwitting foot soldier in the service of a creepy military-industrial company (read: Halliburton) seeking to strip mine Pandora's pristine woodland paradise for its rich deposits of the mineral unobtanium (really), which can save Earth from its energy crisis.
And stood longing before gleaming transportanium unobtanium - the roped-off concept cars or luxury wheels of the rich.
Additional benefits offered by the lightweight frame include stem sleeves made from hydrophilic unobtanium which gives the user a secure fit that increases with perspiration; a number of different size nose pieces for a fully customizable fit; and lenses that darken and lighten automatically in changing light conditions.
Suffice it to say there were plenty of the unobtanium and cantaffordium pieces, as always.
Not some fancy shelter book where the rooms are made of Unobtanium and the decorating schemes are impossible to duplicate on anything but a Gatesian bankroll.
Walkinshaw added a dash of Scottish humour, saying: "The problem with F1 is that engineers don't want to use a material unless it is made of unobtanium.
The film, set in the year 2154 in the fictional world of Pandora, centres on the battle between humans and the native Na'vi people for the valuable mineral Unobtanium.