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Speaking after the hearing, HSE Inspector Steve Lewis, said: "This tragic incident could have been avoided had Morganite carried out a proper risk assessment of the unloading procedure and insisted Mr Yakar open the curtain sides to the truck instead of unloading from the rear of the vehicle.
The unloading buoy technology and associated equipment for Port Dolphin is similar to that used in the Gulf Gateway deepwater port and that is planned for the Northeast Gateway, Neptune and Calypso projects.
Until loading or unloading is finished, the safety of warehouse personnel and the immobilisation of the lorry are guaranteed.
ONE stripe on the kerb means no loading/ unloading between the hours displayed.
All subjects also had a gait analysis while walking barefoot, and 19 were analyzed while they wore the specially designed unloading shoes.
AFC FIBC (bulk-bag) unloading equipment features fork-lift or integral chain-hoist loading.
If I have one at that facility unloading for someone else, I might just leave it there.
ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST - Work crews played a massive game of hot potato Wednesday, unloading 50,000 pounds of spuds assembly-line-style after a big rig carrying the produce veered off the Golden State Freeway near Pyramid Lake.
In both cases, the loading segment is followed by a hold segment, which is then followed by an unloading segment using a constant unloading rate.
Individual investors were net sellers for the eighth straight week, unloading a net 83.
Behind the soldiers sat a row of tanks, Humvees and trucks that had to be moved out of the harbor so unloading of the massive ships sitting at the dock could continue.
This double slide system allows the workpiece to fall between the wheels after grinding, which eliminates unloading time and increases throughput.
Weyerhaeuser has subsequently revised its rail car unloading procedures, cutting down the number of bales that can unloaded at a time.
Current systems provide high flexibility (loading and unloading trucks as well as aircrafts via ramp or level loading and towing), use at temperatures of -33 [degrees] C to 50 [degrees] C, operation at up to 24 km/h on compacted surfaces, 6 km/h on open country and resistance to wind speeds of up to 64 km/h thus enabling a container to reach its final destination after unloading.
Seven thousand people gather at Old South Meeting House in a final effort to persuade Francis Rotch, owner of the Dartmouth, to return his ship to England without unloading the tea.