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unload someone or something on (to) someone

to get rid of a burdensome person or thing on someone else. I unloaded my obnoxious little cousin onto his aunt. I didn't mean to unload my problems onto you.
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unload something from something

to take things off of something; to remove the burden from something. Please unload the groceries from the car. I unloaded the groceries from the bags.
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tv. to get rid of someone or something. We’re gonna unload all the cats and dogs during the Christmas rush.
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John Keenan, chartering director at Quality Freight UK, oversaw the operation to move the unloaders, working closely with colleagues at RWE and Newport Industries.
The steel structure for the new unloader will be built in China, while other parts will be delivered from Europe.
Mr Kass explained: "Our baggage arrival area is compact; however the design of the Baggage Unloader makes it easy to operate--even in space constrained areas.
It is evident that the cost per ton to TNEB on the unloader is much higher than carrying the coal on gearless panamaxes.
Heyl & Patterson is now an innovator of railroad and barge unloaders and thermal processing equipment for the mining, chemical, energy and biomass sectors.
The deal, which was awarded by Jorf Lasfar Energy Company (JLEC), also includes relocation of two existing unloaders.
The barge was outfitted with a Manitowoc 999 Series crane and a Manitowoc 250S crane for loading and final placement of the Siwertell ship unloader subassemblies into place at Schiller Station's pier.
4 System 533 silo & unloader 1,400 to 70,000 cu.
Newco's services range from cleaning and inspecting bead and spray nozzles to the full restoration of a drum unloader.
Beginning with a self-unloading agricultural trailer in the 1950s, Foster moved on to introduce the patented Keith Walking Floor[R] unloader in the early 1970s.
Optional live tooling, tool/part gaging, and automated material handling, including a new programmable gantry unloader, enables the SC0654 to turn tube and bar stock into finished parts in one operation.
An example of the ports' aim to take care of the environment is a new $11 million high performance ship unloader at Kwinana Bulk Jetty in the outer harbour.
PIAB Material Handling, manufacturer of industrial vacuum conveyors and components, has added a bulk bag unloader to its line of material handling equipment.
Because the box beam transfers loads to supports located outside the silo, the unloader can accommodate different heights of material.
Now, incoming flakes are handled by an automated bulk-bag unloader from Flexicon Corp.