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unleash someone or something against someone or something

to turn someone or something loose against someone or something. The army unleashed a horrible attack against the enemy. Max unleashed his bullies against the helpless merchants.
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unleash someone or something (up)on someone or something

to turn someone or something loose on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The air force unleashed a bombing attack upon the enemy. The mob chief unleashed his tough guys on Lefty.
See also: on, unleash
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com) Seth Godin is a bestselling author and entrepreneur, changing the way in which people think about marketing and modern day business in his international bestsellers, Purple Cow, Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, The Big Red Fez and Survival is Not Enough.
In addition to unleashing a powerful new revenue source, carriers benefit by connecting directly with InphoMatch rather than negotiating and managing connections with multiple carriers worldwide.
Our applications running on this new operating system provide customers with a unique environment for unleashing their creative power.
The co-author, with Chunka Mui, of the bestselling Unleashing the Killer App: Digital Strategies for Market Dominance, Downes will bring the same no-holds-barred style and counter-intuitive wisdom to THE NEW INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION to be published in Winter 2002.
LVL7 Systems, the networking software company that is unleashing NP power at every level, and MMC Networks, a wholly owned subsidiary of Applied Micro Circuits Corp.
0) creates a &uot;virtual enterprise&uot; by unleashing information found at the heart of a company and combining it with data and applications from partners, e-marketplaces, and the Internet.