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unite against someone or something

to join against someone or something. We will unite against the opposing forces. We must unite against the incumbent legislators.
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unite for something

to join together for some purpose. All the forces united for the attack. We will unite for a great party.
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unite in something

to come together in something. Let us unite in our efforts. We will unite in song.
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unite someone against someone or something

to cause people to join together against someone or something. The mayor united his staff against the federal investigators. Ted united us against John. They united themselves against the enemy.
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unite someone in something

to join two or more people in something, usually marriage. The preacher united the couple in matrimony. A judge united them in marriage.
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unite someone or something into something

to form something by merging people together; to form something by merging things together. Let us unite the party into a powerful political force. We will unite ourselves into a powerful force.
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unite someone or something (together)

to join people or groups of people together. They united all the workers together for the strike. The event united together the people who cared about the quality of life.

unite someone or something with someone or something

to join people or things, in any combination. We united Tom with his brother Arnold during the evening. We united our committee with the president in an effort to expand our influence.
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unite with someone

to join with someone; to go or come together with someone. I was pleased to unite with my family for the holidays. The brothers united with their sister after many years of separation.
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unite with

To have or demonstrate something in combination with something else: The new government initiative unites common sense with vision.
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References in classic literature ?
And Aylmer, excluding the sunshine, which would have interfered with his chemical processes, had supplied its place with perfumed lamps, emitting flames of various hue, but all uniting in a soft, impurpled radiance.
The time of the two parties uniting in the Octagon Room being correctly adjusted, Catherine was then left to the luxury of a raised, restless, and frightened imagination over the pages of Udolpho, lost from all worldly concerns of dressing and dinner, incapable of soothing Mrs.
The idea uniting heart and soul to heart and soul exists no more.
I have been told that you are ambitious of uniting your guards with my musketeers.
If you marry it will be a different thing," she continued, uniting them both in one glance.
A much more exemplary character with an infusion of sour dignity would not have furthered their comprehension of the Thirty-nine Articles, and would have been less socially uniting.
The Uniting and Strengthening America By Providing Appropriate Tools Required To Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA Patriot Act), rushed through Congress in the wake of September 11, does just that See Sonia Arrison, "New anti-terrorism law goes too far," San Diego Union-Tribune, October 31, 2001, B9.